[solved] Newly staked pNode knocked offline

Hey there, as described. Just staked a pNode a few days ago, and it hasn’t gone online yet. Light is blue, internet is good, all of my other pNodes are good. @Support

Hello @SynthiaNominae,

Was this the first time you have set up this pNode? or did you recently self-stake?

please share us your pNode QR code and public-key associated to it.

I recently self-staked this one.

The validator public key is: 15eu2vrncGqhGxyDhhFcqypeKii1t9Nt7UN2pqq8ezLh34buGpWJQAXxpzeN3mjA7EEFGJrpUgwZmq7hpGHGgjtP2PgkRVJ2BJX1vXc9fDSTdn2TpaZAF2vzBqfXSV3HBV1UKpcxHyJougfUcwLMibhhiqhZDNLmahnumkGeP3knnGP4rAG82

I will have to get home before I can get the QR code, at work currently.

The QR code is QQTW-0UJ4HB

Hi @SynthiaNominae,

The stake is success but the node is offline, so you have to find its ip-address, access pNode dashboard on web browser, delete data and restart container.
ping me on telegram for quick assist https://t.me/khanhj


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