(Solved) My funds

Issue is fixed

An update was pushed by mistake, sh1t happens. Your funds are not in the app, it’s just a frontend. Everything is safe on-chain and accessible if you have your private keys. You can restore a previous version of the app with


You can also use https://github.com/incognitochain/incognito-cli to interact with the chain.

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I do have to agree with this point. It’s madness to give over the control of this to Apple. We know from history that they can decide to block whatever App for whatever reason any time they like. Also, as you have noticed, the turn-around for these things are too slow. It can take days before a fix can be pushed.


It does fair enough. But you miss the part where I explained after going through a long ordeal and restoring the old version my funds still aren’t there. I’ll check out GitHub I guess

Pretty sure the devs said that they will be working on a web based version after the release of pdex v3 I.e. Q1 2022 roadmap. If people want it, let Jared know to relay it to the devs and push that it’s a highly requested feature.

@Jared can you please look at Vidar’s missing fund issue.


Try going into settings and clicking Clear Balance Cached.

I did nothing

All my stuff should be in the provide so should be fixable on your end

There wouldn’t be anything on our end to fix. Please check that you you are looking at the correct wallet where you use Provide at.

I know how to back up a damn wallet. I have done everything you asked this needs to be fixed

Please refrain from being hostile as I am attempting to help you. Also provide me with the requested screenshot. As I do not have your device in my hands we will need to work through the steps one by one.

Update: @Vidar_Hageman’s issue has now been resolved.


I’d like to thank the incognito team for their help and patience. I get nervous and frustrated over losing my money even if it’s for a brief period. I know this latest issue was not done with any malice or intention, but it serves as a reminder and an encouragement that usage of the app should be simplified and there should be more instruction. Like if funds aren’t showing up after a backup checking the names of your keys and clearing you cache are not immediately obvious. I apologize for the hostility, just trying to make sure no one’s falling asleep at the wheel. Hopefully there are no issues going forward and there will be no more outbursts from me, just compliments. Thanks again


Respect that u apologized bruh

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What was the fix for this? I have the same issue actually. I can see liquidity I have provided but after a test withdrawal of earnings to my node wallet, I cannot see that withdrawal from provide to node.


I’m not sure I understand your issue. Withdrawal from Provide to node?

Please don’t delete the entire OP when the issue is fixed, this is a destructive action that goes against the utility of the forum as a means of documentation. If you want to add an edit, that’s one thing, but I recommend sticking to the reddit practice of appending a line like Edit: issue has been resolved at the bottom of the post, rather than destroying context for the entire thread.

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Unfortunately I don’t think that the level of support that you’re looking for is a reasonable expectation, given that this is an open source app that is 100% free to use. It is inappropriate to place the burden of “no more outbursts” on the devs, who, again, are providing an app—in addition to a dedicated support team—at no cost to user.

Beyond this, impatience & hostility are not a useful means of ensuring that “no one’s falling asleep at the wheel.” It merely takes a trip to GitHub to see that there’re dozens of commits on a near-daily basis. I think that patience & understanding will lead to more constructive forms of criticism.

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