[SOLVED] Missing Withdrawal of BNB

I converted some PRV to BNB and withdrew directly to my Binance wallet, exactly as I have done before (same address, verifiable), but it has been 11 hours now and the transfer still has not arrived. Is it because I paid the transfer fee with BNB instead of PRV? Is there any way to track what has happened to the money?

Give it some more time.

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@Jamie @Peter
The missing transfer just went over 32 hours, is there any way to find out where it’s stuck?

Please tag @ Support, they are not the support members anymore.

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Thank you.

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Are you able to assist me with this?

Base on what you described, I assume that your trading TX is already successful but now your unshield TX is getting stuck.
Can you send me a screenshot of your Unshield history, the one that contains the Unshield ID, so that I can have a check!

Hi @Rocky and thank you, I messaged the screenshot to you.
Do you need the full tx links? they are abbreviated in the history screen.

I messaged 2 more screenshots to you, any thoughts on the missing transfer?
Almost 3 days not arrived, I’m concerned that my money is lost due to a transfer glitch.
Has anyone else had this problem?

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Hey, @VINWOSNI…I can understand your concern, and hopefully, the transfer will show up…did wish to make you aware of something…I see that you have been talking to @Rocky and trying to get a hold of him at this time…I believe he is in Vietnam and well it is tomorrow about 3:20 in the morning there…so I doubt he would be up and about and even if he were you might not hear from him till Monday for well support becomes real minimal and response time slows down over the weekend…I don’t mean to make you even more concerned but just thought I give you a heads up about support over the weekend…as I said I hope indeed your transfer shows… :sunglasses:

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Very true, I forgot the weekend is upon us, thank you :slight_smile: . I’m hoping the transfer shows up also, it has definitely shaken my trust on withdrawals, feels like getting mugged leaving the bank.

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Transfer arrived successfully! @Rocky along with the rest of the outstanding Incognito support team took care of business. Thank you all.