SOLVED - Missing usdc deposit

Hi. I just deposited usdc into my wallet.

The deposit was listed as complete.

Now it is missing from my wallet and there is no record of the transaction.

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Now I see that the deposit has failed.

Can you provide help? Thanks.

@davoice321: we have processed for you, please check your wallet.

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Thanks. I don’t see it. Which wallet is it in?

Please wait for completion and check your wallet again. Thanks.

It game through. Thank you!


@davoice321: It’s my pleasure!

My transactions on Mon were processed yesterday but they still don’t reflect on my wallet. I sent txt hashes but nothing happened.

How do I send the message after typing? I can’t see the sent button hence I use this section.

You can send the screenshot to @Peter, he will support, thank’s.

My USDC deposit shows that it has failed, but the out of network source wallet says that it was completed. Can you please resolve this? I submitted my Tx ID number under the “Retry” tab, but it has been more than 24 hours.image @Peter @Ducky @phuong

Hey @17Strife, please give me your tx hash from the external wallet which says completed.

@Ducky, the transaction hash is as follows:

I appreciate your assistance.

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Thanks for providing your hash. we’re on it now. I will get back to let you know once it’s done.

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Done @17Strife :grin: Please double check and confirm with me if your USDC arrived in your wallet.

@Ducky You have resolved my issue! I really appreciate your help!


You’re welcome :heart:
Wish you have enjoyable time with Incognito :wink: