[SOLVED] Missing PRV after withdrawing from pDEX and decentralisation question

So I withdrew almost 1 PRV (to test how everything works, so it’s not a big deal if I somehow lost it) from my pDEX account to Account 0 yesterday. In the invest tab I can see it as successful in recent transactions, however it has NOT shown up in my Account 0.
I currently have two questions:

  1. Where is the PRV, as it should be in my Account 0 but it is not.
  2. I was looking for the answer on the forum and I found out that withdrawing from the node apparently is slow because it needs a manual check? Could someone please elaborate on that. Does this also apply to the pDEX then? And even if it doesn’t, how is that in line with the idea of decentralisation?

Sorry if I am overlooking something, I just found out about this project yesterday and it has really piqued my interest. I am thinking of setting up a vnode but I just want to understand the project a bit better first.


Hello, you can wait the transactions until it become success usually if the traffic is high. Your transaction will be deposited to Account 0 1-2hours depending the networks.

If there’s further problem you can message @Peter about this problem

Well, the transaction should have happened 2 days ago now so I don’t think the problem is the traffic.

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Hi @Staker
1/ If your withdrawal was successful, there will be a transaction ID (TxID) available. Send me that txid and a screenshot of it in a private message, so I can check it for you.
2/ Only pNode withdrawal (Funded staking) is being manually processed. It comes from the relationship between the Funder and the pNode (pNode Staking Mechanism). If you use 1750 prv to stake for your pNode, the withdrawal is processed automatically, just like the vNode.

I have sent you a PM now!
Thanks for the answer to the second question, that’s clear now. So if I just use 1750 PRV for my vNode, it should all go automatically.

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