[SOLVED] Missing deposit June

Hi Jamie, (or any other staff member). I ran into the same situation as Joe_233 did. My deposit from June 19th is still not showing up in my Incognito wallet. Can you help me? Thank you in advance.


Hi @Username_12, nice to e-meet you!

Regarding deposit case, I would love for you to send me a private message with these 2 things:

  • A screenshot of your shielding transaction in Incognito app.
  • Transaction hash of your transfer .
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Hi Ducky, likewise, nice to meet you via this platform. Thank you for responding this fast. I was impressed by the concept of the app and have used it to test it. Until I lost my funds, that is.

  • TX hash: 7cc68c0b713e145ffa138ef7fa4e53e2c394954aa22ca5171f72fba2b846ddac

  • Earlier that same day, I transmitted three other very small amounts. A withdrawal at 09:34 AM; a deposit at 09:08 AM and a withdrawal at 08:26 AM. I can see those tx’s in my Incognito app, but the larger (in BTC) deposit I am missing, does not appear in my app anymore. All the prove I have left is the tx recorded (18.90 mBTC, network fee 0.02 mBTC) in my other (non-Incognito) app.

Awaiting your reply,


I sent you a private message. Please check it out :slight_smile:

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