[SOLVED] Invalid address monero

I’ve tried to unshield Monero but I always got the message invalid address, and I’ve put three different monero address

image image image


Hi @Brandon_Chacon, can you send us those three Monero addesses? We will double check it out.





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I have just checked those three addresses that you provided on Monero explorer, and none of them could be found out. Are you sure those are the correct Monero addresses where you want to withdraw your XMR to?

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You can’t search addresses in monero explorer because it is confidential, just transactions and blocks

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I’ve made many withdrawals in the past to the first address from incognito to Binance, but right now I don’t know what’s going on with the invalid address message

We’re checking your case now and need some more info:

  • Which version of the app are you using?
  • Has this glitch happened with iOS or Android?

It is the 3.7.2 version in iOS

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Addresses starting with ‘8’ are Monero sub-addresses, that might cause things to act differently @Ducky


Ok thank you for informing us. I told the team about this glitch and we will fix it soon.

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Hey @Brandon_Chacon, we just released a new version of the app last night where the glitch with invalid Monero address had been fixed successfully.

Can you update your app and try again?

Yes, thank you, it’s fixed

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