[solved] insufficient balance error

As a test, I sent 300 Zilliqa tokens to my Incognito wallet. The tokens are showing in my account balance. When I attempt to trade trade the tokens for any coin including PRV; I get the error(your balance is insufficient). If I attempt to send them Im told that I don’t have the PRV.Is their a certain minimum(fiat currency value) required to execute a trade or transfer?

Hey @Airborn, I think the insufficient balance problem is the PRV you need for the trade fee. Here’s a link shared in these forums for a faucet that should cover the fee, and a few others.


Just enter your Incognito address and it should update in your balance after a few minutes.

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Thinks for the advise. I did as instructed. I did receive .00005 PRV. The fee to send 20 Zil is .000189047. So am still generating the same error. Is their a away to get additional PRV. Why am I unable to purchase PRV using my Zil or some other token?

There is no trading pair for the official Zil coin. Don’t trade it. The pair that is available on pDEX involves a user created coin with the same name.

Stay away from trading coins that do not have the green checkmark.

That said, you can initiate a trading pair for Zil yourself.