[solved] Incognito is slow

I made a transfer and after paying a $500 fee my transaction was rejected

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Use the instructions here to contact support. Be sure to keep your screenshots in the private DM to support. Do not post them publicly.

Support will be coming online soon. They will get your issue sorted.


Incognito is not a scam. However waiting a day to resolve someone’s issue should not be normalized either. I hope they bring more people on or manage support response time better as they grow. This will be the deciding factor for whether a lot of people stay or go.

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I apologize. I’m just very frustrated that my transaction wasn’t approved. Could you please help me?

Rick - I understand your frustration. It’s frustrating when things seem to fail inexplicably.

That said - use the instructions I linked in my previous post to contact support. They will want the TX id, token name, amount, remote address as stated in those instructions.

I am not support, just another Incognito user like yourself. But if you send a DM to support using the instructions I linked above, they will be able to assist you and get your transaction completed.


They must have very high transaction volumes due to the increased demand which results in rejected transactions but they should have my issue resolved soon hopefully!

Thank you. Do you think they are able to re-broadcast a previously rejected transaction?

It has been hours and I still have no reply from support. Also I tried to make another transaction and it is not processing. No one is replying to my messages and my 10k transaction is being stalled for some reason. Do you have any idea when I might get a reply?

Most of the support team is based in Vietnam. While there are support members not in VN, you’ll likely need someone in VN to rectify your issue. It’s just 9am there - let’s give them some time to start their workday.


My transaction has been approved. Thank you for replying to my concern. Have a goodnight!


Glad your issue was resolved successfully.