[solved] I have lost my BUSD. Help!

My BUSD was sent but never was recieved or shielded. It has been 5 hours and nothing has happened. I have sent message with screen shots to support but have not recieved any response. Please anyone please help.

I know it’s stressful, but you should allow support at least a day to respond. They have shown to be quite helpful in the past when they can do something on their end.

And just a general tip for everyone in the space. Always, always, always, send a small test transaction first. There are so many things that can go wrong when handling time limited temporary addresses and different wrapped token types for what seems to be the same coin.

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I am still waiting for support to respond to my missing deposit. This experience is not what I expected. A message stating that they are or will be on it would go a long way. I am trying to keep an open mind but as of yet I have heard nothing.

Hi @Eugenio1…what @fredlee stated is the truth…they will respond but the @Support is based out of Vietnam and it is the weekend there already so staffing goes to minimal and therefore the delay but they will respond you have to just wait…apology that you are going thru this are stressed about your funds…they are there most likely stuck in the transaction but they are there and the dev team will correct the issue…best of luck…cheers… :sunglasses:

Correction…it is almost the weekend…my bad…but yeah it is why the delay in response…staffing is low and therefore the delay…sorry… :blush:

Hi @Eugenio1,

Please can create a ticket to @Support and describe in detail your problem.

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They have reached out to me. The calvary is on it’s way.


My issues were resolved and I must say that my original skeptasism was unworented. This group is a real asset to the crypto space and you can count on there professionalism.