(Solved) How to get burnproof for unified token unshieldings?

Hey @Support,

I’m trying to get burning proof of a unified token unshieldings but cannot. I’m getting invalid parameters error raised from here:

I’m sending bridgeaggGetBurnProof method with [{"TxReqID" : 32c4239d18df17acdf76cb34d20e254a905956c0982c341c9232f99661ecac98, "DataIndex": None}] . Should I know DataIndex instead of sending it as None? If so, how can I find out it? Or I’m totally incorrect. Should I use another method? If so, which one?


Hi @abduraman, you can call RPC bridgeaggGetBurnProof with the following payload:

"id": 1,
"jsonrpc": "1.0",
"method": "bridgeaggGetBurnProof",
"params": [
        "TxReqID": {{yourUnshieldTxID}},
        "DataIndex": 0

DataIndex is always zero currently.


Thanks @hiennguyen . It worked.

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