[SOLVED] How do I transfer from Account0 to PDex after the app upgrade?

Continuing the discussion from pBTC transfer from Account 0 to PDex keeps failing:

I had pBTC in my Account0 prior to the most recent update, and I was able to easily transfer it to PDex by sending it to PDex using the PDex’s pBTC “receive” address. Now, with this new app upgrade and the “Shield” aspect, I am unable to figure out how to transfer my pBTC to my PDex. Can anyone help? Thanks!


Hi Strife, did you try to send pBTC from your “Account 0” to your pDEX account in the Wallet screen instead?


Also, you can choose “Deposit” in the pDEX to transfer the funds automatically.


Hi @17Strife, you can tap on ‘’ trade" icon in home screen. After that, you can use pdex like before. Because trade icon in home screen is going to Pdex.


Hi Peter, I have selected “Send” from the Privacy BTC menu in my Account0 Wallet (which I renamed “Strife17”, after I had to import my original Account0 key, because I deleted and reinstalled the application). I then “Send” the pBTC to the “Receive” wallet address found under the Privacy BTC menu in pDEX. This has “Failed” several times after about 15 to 20 minutes.

Also, I just tried the option to “Deposit” in the pDEX, directly from my Strife17 Wallet, but this was designated “Unsuccessful” after about 20 to 25 minutes.

I also tried to send directly to the pDEX wallet, and not the pBTC “Receive” address within the pDEX wallet, this too “Failed”. I am really at a loss for how to transfer my pBTC from my Strife17 Wallet to my pDEX.

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Hi Mo, I just tried that route now, although it is seems very similar to the “Deposit” method that Peter suggested, because when attempting to trade, pDEX indicated that my balance was insufficient and that I needed to “Top Off” my account via “Deposit” in order to have the appropriate amount of crypto to trade. So, I attempted to “Deposit” the requisite amount from my Strife17 account, however, this was also “Unsuccessful”.

Hi @17Strife,

You cannot deposit your pBTC from account 0 to Pdex account? You receive status unsucessful or show the warning message " your balance was insufficient" when depositing? Could you please capture screenshoot for me? if this is bug, my team will fix them. Thanks.

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Correct, I cannot deposit my pBTC from Account 0 to my pDEX account. I click “Deposit” in pDEX and select "Deposit from Strife17 (My original Account 0), then I enter the pBTC amount! that I want to deposit and pick the transaction fee. Next, I receiving a message that my deposit was successful and that the funds should appear in a few minutes. However, under “recent transactions” in pDEX it shows the Deposit is pending, and then lists it as “Unsuccessful” after 15 to 30 minutes.
IMG_1905 IMG_1906

IMG_1907 IMG_1908

IMG_1909 IMG_1910

Hi @17Strife,

Thanks for your information. I saw you withdrew pBTC and deposited the same time and the same amount. Please check your amount. If your amount is money enough like before you withdrew/deposited. Please try to deposit again. Otherwise, you send me tx which was withdrew and deposited. We will check it and inform you.

Let me know if you have any.
Many thanks.

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It is still not working after attempting to “Deposit” again into pDEX.
I am not sure what you mean when you say “send me tx which was withdrew and deposited”. Let me know if there is anything I can do further to assist. I also want to point out that I am able to “Deposit” PRV into pDEX from my Strife17 Account without issue.
image image
image image

Hi, I am pleased to announce that the “Deposit” feature for pBTC from my Account0 to pDEX is now working. I am not sure of the cause, but once I reduced the size of my deposits to .01 pBTC, they were processed successfully! Thanks!

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Hi @17Strife,

I am glad when you deposited success. Thank for your feedback. I wrote that “send me tx which withdrew and deposited”. It’s mean that you send me transaction id (tx id) which is stored in history detail you send failed. So, we can find out why the deposit failed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there,
I installed Incognito Wallet for Android yesterday and transferred a small BTC amount from a 3rd party wallet. It has arrived - the credit is listed under wallet -> pBTC.
However, if I want to transfer or exchange it further, I always get the error message “Your balance is insufficient”, no matter how small the amount.
So I can no longer use my money and I urgently hope for help.
I took some screenshots but I don’t know how to upload them here.


Hi jotrocken,

you should be able to transfer the currency to other wallets.
Before being able to trade it for other cryptocurrencies you will have to add your balance to the pDEX. Did you do that?

Here is some more information on how pDEX works.

I tried it by “deposit” and with “trade” with Account0 and with pDEX account, but I cannot add the balance to pDEX on any way - “insufficient balance”.

Go to your wallet. Toward the top of the screen make sure it says pDEX. If it says account 0, click the drop down arrow and select pDEX. Now, when you’re in the pDEX wallet, select the Privacy token and select “receive,” copy down the address that is shown.

Go back to your wallet and this time select account 0, or whichever account has your funds in it. Click the token that shows your funds and select send. Paste your pDEX wallet address in the send to field and type in the amount you want to transfer below that. The fee information should populate in a few seconds. This will allow you to send funds to your pDEX wallet so than when you go to trade you will have the funds to back it up.

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Lowering the amount a little might solve the problem too.

Got the same problem here.
I’ve tried everything suggested in this post and got only “unsuccessful” Transaction.
Pls help :sob:

Make sure you have enough crypto to pay the fees.

Yeah, I do! :grinning:

Ok, problem SOLVED!
What was causing it was my VPN!
As soon I turned off my NordVPN, wich I use to keep my identity protected, I was able to make transactions in the incognito network (meant to keep your cryptocurrency private) :thinking:

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