[Solved] How do I buy PRV?

I need to trade some Bat to get the PRV but it won’t go through :man_shrugging:t5:

You need use BTC or stablecoin to trade to PRV, the fees will be automatically deducted.


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It doesn’t work

Shield 1 USDT to your incognito wallet, and trade USDT to PRV, you will get some PRV to pay your BAT/PRV(or another token) fees.

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Hey @BlackDiamondSC, you can try to make the initial trade from USDT or BTC to PRV, as it allows you to pay the fee in USDT or BTC respectively. After that you will have some PRV for your expected trade. :blush:

This instruction might be helpful for you: How to buy PRV in 3 steps

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Ok i don’t get it, I just sent btc’s to my wallet and haven’t received it🤷🏾‍♂️image image


So were are my BTC’s?

Are they sending me back my BTC’s? I’m kinda confused about how this works.

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There is a minimum amount for shielding BTC, in the shielding screen it says
“Minimum: 0.001 BTC” Smaller amounts will not be processed.

You could send some more to meet that requirement.

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Ok so what happened to what I’ve already sent?

After sending some more BTC, your full amount will be deposited to your Incognito address.

Is it still true that everyone gets 1 PRV when they download the wallet? This is enough to facilitate many trades as long as someone doesn’t spend it all.

No. That promotion was ended quite a while ago due to rampant abuse. And I believe the amount was 0.01 PRV.

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Yep, exactly like what @Mike_Wagner said, that promotion concluded a while ago. However, we’re coming up with some ideas to give new download a small amount of PRV, so they can facilitate their initial transactions.

We will keep the community updated on the latest news.


I have a suggestion, how about per to per lending within the community only… just a thought and it’s also a way for lenders to earn a profit from loaning their PRV’s. Never know,just might work if you try it with a small group within the community :man_shrugging:t5:

I don´t think that many people are goin to lend out there PRV acutally for less than 28% :grimacing:

Ok let’s say that’s true what would be the minimum amount to be borrowed @ that 28%? I would suggest a reasonable amount…

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It´s just the fact that you can actually provide your PRV within the App and get 28% without no additional risk at all. The APY is going to lower over time, but right now you are getting 28%. Thus it would economically make no sense for PRV holders to lend it out for less than 28%. If you have a lot of PRV (more than 1750 PRV) you can achieve acutally around 50% by hosting a node. Due to these facts, I do not believe that someone will lend out right now big amounts for less than 50% or 28%. If you want to risk something you could use your BTC or ETH as collateral on platforms like Compound and borrow there for 3-5% USDT and send it to Incognito, then buy PRV and provide it for 28% or buy more than 1750 PRV in order to set up a node and get 50%. If all works out you have a great deal, almost free money :smiley: But bear in mind these things always have some risks, so please do your research before doing this.