[SOLVED] Help with withdrawing prv rewards from provide

Out of curiosity since I have been waiting for a long time to get to get my node could it come unstaked and since the interest in paid in prv fully fund it with the 1750 or would I still have have to withdraw it from prv rewards and then stake but again curious to know if it can be done.


I am a little confused by the currency flow you are describing but the physical Nodes need to be auto funded first and earn one time before unstaking will happen.

The option to have a choice when installing a new physical node is on the list though.

When you unstake a physical Node, removing the funded stake, no PRV will become available to you. You will have to doposit 1750 PRV in the account assigned to the Node to be able to stake it again, with own PRV.


Trying to withdraw from prv rewards but get a something went wrong message

@Jan_Sokolovits Do you have any screenshots to share with us?

The server was busy at that time. Let’s try again @Jan_Sokolovits

Tried it again and still nothing unless server is still busy.

I received this message this morning trying to withdraw PRV rewards: Opps! Something went wrong. Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transac...

Hey @ha.tran, have you restarted your phone and tried to withdraw rewards again? If this doesnt work let me know.

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I have tried multiple times today and nothing

Hmm might be a app-wide issue since it doesnt seem like an isolated case, let me escalate this and see whats going on, appreciate the patience


The “Lock” message is related to the lock on the account when rewards are being processed/updated every 15 minutes.