(Solved) Help! pNode missing stake

Hi, after the last app update my node is no longer staked. I don’t know if that is the cause but I logged in today to collect my rewards as I do once a week and it no longer has a stake. The controlling address doesn’t have any record of the stake being withdrawn. Please can someone tell me what is going on!?

Hello @dvncan,

Please read over this FAQ to answer your questions:

If you have any further questions please let me know.

I just saw that. It says the prv will be returned and it has not been. Any ideas? Also I am no longer able to get in the telegram

Was your node self-staked or funded stake by Incognito?

If it was self-staked and the 1750 PRV is not showing up in your wallet then most likely the coins are still v1 coins and need converted. From the home screen of your app click on Convert v1 coins to v2 and follow the steps.

If this doesn’t work go into settings and click Clear Balance Cached and Clear History in that order.

Check again in a few minutes the conversion process can take a little bit.

Telegram is not actively maintained anymore. Here is the link:

Done. Took a sec to show up in my wallet. Thanks for the help

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