(Solved) Help please

My node is slashed and unstaking. Why?

Earlier the status was light blue like it was selected. Now it’s slashed and unstaking. I’ve been a validator for probably two years now. What’s up?

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Your node was slashed (removed from the network and stake returned) due to not operating a healthy node. Something went wrong when your node was in committee last (lost of power, internet issues, etc).

You can fix your node issues following the guides linked below and restake your node:

Well this sucks. This process isn’t simple for a non-tech person like me. Not sure if it is worth my time to figure out the IP address.

When I saw this project, the plug and play sort of feel is what attracted me. I also liked the privacy idea as well.

If this happens every time there is internet instability, I’m not sure I will leave mine online.

I’m not sure how we could make it more simple for the end user. If you’d like I can do a remote session for you and set everything up for you.

Soon Staking Flow v3 will be released and nodes will not be slashed nearly as often. Nodes will sync first and then be moved into committee.

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What would I need to do for a remote session?

Download TeamViewer onto your computer and login to your router or use the Fing app (www.fing.com) to find the pNode (miner) IP address.