[Solved] Help please

Hi, hoping someone can help me.

I’ve been staking via - provide liquidity for some time. After a couple of updates my balance is reading as zero. When I’ve reviewed the wallet master key it differs to my original set up. Attempting to import the original set up gives an error ‘please try again with a valid private key.’

I read to click the drop down in the provide tab but have no option for pstake?


[edit solved] import master key (not import private key) to restore previous wallet and see staked value

Hello @rofio ,

You should have a private key for your pStake wallet. On the main screen click keychain > import a key (at the bottom) > after you’ve done this close the app completely and reopen it.

Recently they changed the way the keys are base encoded but your key should still function properly.

Let me know if that works for you, if not just reply here and we can try a few other things.

Does the 12 word seed phrase also recover the pStake private key?

I believe it depends on when you downloaded the app. Originally the app only had individual private keys.

No sorry same error ‘please try again with a valid private key’

Trying to import from the 12 word phrase and the QR code created in April 21 if that helps.

Sorry I’m heading to sleep right now. I’ll tag @Support here so they can step in and help you. They might require a private message to figure out what is going wrong.

Hi, about the format key change we have a post to explain this issue. You can refer to it here:

Summary: New Base58 Encoding
With Privacy V2, you will see that your keyset will be slightly different in its representation due to the change in the base58 encoding algorithm. This change is for compatibility with other library implementations. The blockchain accepts both of the encoding algorithms, so users DO NOT have to worry about their old key being unusable.
But your issue is ‘please try again with a valid private key’ so make sure you copyright key and re-check it there are any special characters (maybe the empty ’ ’ or have mistake between private key / payment key / v…v)


hi @rofio,

Did you copy a correct private key? It usually starts with “112t8…”

So if I lose my phone or it gets broken all of my funds on “Provide” will be lost?

No, as long as you have your keys backed up somewhere safe, losing your phone would not matter. Please make sure you keep a backup of all your keys not on your phone.

For example, I keep a printed out copy of my keys in a safe inside a fire proof bag. I also keep a digital backup in an encrypted file on my computer.

When I look at my keychains I only see “anon”, “pdex” and “pdexwithdraw”. Is one of those for provide?

I believe it depends on when you downloaded the app. Personally I have a masterless keychain for pStake. I believe if you downloaded the app recently your master recovery phrase should also backup your pStake. @jayce-incognito or @hieutran can correct me if I’m wrong.

No I have the 12 word seed phrase that isn’t importing …

I’m trying to import from a screen shot of my 12 word master phrase and QR code.

I don’t know how any details could be incorrect?

hi @rofio, instead of scan the QR code of 12 words, can you just type them by phone keyboard manually?

How recently was it that would have this?

I am not sure when this was implemented. You can check in the app.

Go to Keychain. Next click the top right circle (yours might say Master or Masterless). Click between these until you have found your pStake wallet.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page there is also an option to backup your keys.

Thank you for that. So if I don’t see a pStake key does that mean I don’t have one and it can’t be recovered? If so, how do I make one?

Hello @slabb,

If you do not see a dedicated pStake wallet that is fine. With recent updates in the app, every wallet can now be used with the provide tab. Do not worry if you do not have a pStake wallet. As long as you have followed the in-app backup options in the app you will be fine.

Thank you very much for your help and knowledge.

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