[Solved] Custom Token Trading Question

I have 2 open question :raising_hand_man:t5:… can investors interested in trading my custom token download the incognito wallet and find my token to trade in the pDex & if so how would they go about doing that.

You would first need to mint it using the Mint feature in the app, then provide liquidity for trading on the pDex.

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Can you explain a little more? I am already trading the token now, so your saying in order for someone else to trade it, I would need to mint it first?

your question could be interpreted a number of different ways, so i hope 1 of these 4 answers will help you :arrow_down:

1) if your token is an ERC20 or BEP2 token, then this tutorial might be helpful:

once your token is listed, then yes - your investors can just download the incognito wallet and open the ‘Trade’ tab to find it on the pDEX.

2) if i’ve misunderstood you, and you want to issue your token on incognito directly and make it tradable, then follow these instructions:

3) if you’ve already got a custom token minted on incognito but not tradable yet - you just need to add it to the pDEX. You can follow steps 5 and 6 here:

4) And finally, if you have already minted your Incognito token, and added liquidity so its tradable for you on pDEX - then it will also be tradable for other people. so your investors just need to get the app.


Can I tell you the name of my token without anyone in the community report my post a spam that way you can see what I’m talking about. That might just simplify my questions. My User is my ERC20 Token name BlackDiamond SC (BSC)

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okay cool, so if your token is ERC20, you can easily move it over to incognito and add it to the pDEX (with native incognito liquidity). though its worth noting that you’ll also be able to access uniswap and kyber from the trade tab.

to add liquidity for your token on incognito, check this tutorial for instructions:


Ok can I invite traders to to incognito wallet now since I’m already trading in on the pDex?

ah i see - it’s already on pDEX. then yes of course, anyone with the Incognito wallet can buy/sell BSC.


Thank you for having patients with me I appreciate everyone who took the time to respond to my inquiry :pray:t5::raised_hands:t5::ok_hand:t5:


Ning now that was a very thorough set of explanations…big kudos there to you… :100: :sunglasses: