[Solved] Can't unstake pNode

Hi all,

I tried to unstake my pre-staked pNode because I want to run it with my own PRV. However after unstaking the node earned for 2 times but still isn’t unstaked:

The node also says “offline” which it isn’t and it’s earning as intended…

What can I do? Is it possible to simply reflash the pNode with a clean Ubuntu and run it like it was a vNode? I am also running several vNodes so setting it up won’t be an issue for me… Yet any tips are welcome!

2 epochs in one committee or 2 different committees? If the situation is the former, it is normal. As of now, a committee takes 4-6 epochs. At the end of the committee, your node will be unstaked. If latter, then there may be a bug in the protocol.

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I went through complete committees twice, still the node is not unstaked…

please contact @Support with your pNode ID and validator publickey

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