[SOLVED] Can't trade even though I have enough in my balance

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Hello people. I’m New there and i don’t understand how it works.
I want to buy monero, i have bitcoins and when i want to trade i have zero btc.
Could someone help me?


Hi @Tranbr,
Great news that you are with us :slight_smile:

Let me help you. Before you can trade, deposit your BTC on pDEX account.

  1. Make sure you have chosen BTC
  2. Click DEPOSIT
  3. You will see all your accounts with BTC balances and choose from which you want to deposit


Once it’s deposited, you can easily trade.

The same way back (click withdrawal when you finished your trades)

Such approach is a bit more complicated that trading from the same wallet. But it gives 100% privacy of your trade

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More information on how pDEX works and how to use it can be found here

Yes it worked for me!Thank you for your help. I imaginé that i have to do the same inthe other way to send xmr outside?

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Yep, just click withdrawal.