[Solved] Cant send any transaction

I cant send any transaction because i dont have any prv. When i try to buy prv with usdt, i need prv to Pay fees. So i end up cant do anything. Who can help me?

Maybe anyone can send a few prv?



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Yeah I have 3 different prv wallets
2 for my nodes
1 for staking

They don’t make it easy to keep everything in one place

So you have to have fee gas to do anything
And if you want to withdraw to your wallet outside this app you’ll need 30+ coins of prv which like 60 dollars in real cash to withdraw lol . which are not easy to get
Good luck!

Practically every cryptocurrency requires some type of fee to transact on their network. Incognitos fees are less than a penny.

There have already been discussions on this in the past. You can convert to a coin with smaller exit fees and convert it when it reaches your external wallet.

You can’t do anything if you don’t have anything to turn into prv lol I have zero prv there for I can’t cover the fee to convert

And I went from prv to eth
It never in the past charge a fee of 30+ coins lol image

Mike provided you the link to the Incognito faucet above. This site allows you to get small amounts of PRV sent to your wallet. The amount sent free from the faucet is enough to cover several network fees.

He didn’t provided me with it. I know about the like. He provided bla. I just replied with my complaints but thank you

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