[SOLVED] Cannot get PRV out of pDEX account

Apologies for what is probably a noob question, but I just made my first PRV purchase on pDEX and I was going to transfer the PRV to Constant, but it looks like they are stuck in my pDEX account as the Send functionality appears to be disabled. Can anyone explain to me what I am doing wrong, and how to move the PRV out of my account? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Withdraw your PRV first to your main account.

Click the three dots in the “Buy PRV” menu and select Withdraw


I changed your answer because it could be confusing for new users to read the pDEX account is only to buy PRV. That is not true.

The pDEX account holds the funds you want to trade or traded already. Not just PRV, but all crypto that can be traded on pDEX.

Once you are done trading, or when you change your mind about trading, you can withdraw the funds back to your wallet account by using the 3-dots menu.

A more in detail post on how pDEX works and how it is used, can be found here

tagging @Syous for full information.

Thank you both! You have been very helpful.

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