(Solved) Can anyone help with a recovery?

Read a lot in here but can´t get a recovery of my wife´s wallet to work after hers phone is gone, it was made in early feb last year so this is about the time for the big update so don´t know if I´m in old or new version when made this.

  1. download new app on new phone and restore from phrase.

  2. enter the 12 word seed phrase. but it also want a master key which I don´t have (I think?) maybe copied on the old phone that is gone but I only have seed written down.
    Also thought the 12 words would be enough for a recovery like any other wallet in the space, and what I can read in here that is the new standard with only 12 words after the update late Jan-Feb so why is recovery asking for a master key?
    Did I make the wallet in the old version and is that why I can´t recover it?

  3. Is there some other wallet outside here that will work with my seed? or what can be done?

Thanks Patrik

Hello @Wavetrader,

Does the app accept your 12 word seed phrase?

If so, then go through your wallets one by one and check your balances.

If not, re-read your seed phrase and try typing it in again.

Keychain private keys were used in the past, however, the new method of storing keychains is via a master seed phrase.

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It does not, the app wants me to write in master key field, did not matter what so I tested with a letter and then I came further but it´s no tokens of those that should be in there and all I got was a Anon address so it felt like it was a new wallet.

Click More > Keychains > Tap on the top right where it says either Master or Masterless > Click on Import master key.

On this screen you want to click where it says cat dog make ... and enter the seed phrase you have written down. Then click Import.

After doing that you should click on Wallet at the bottom and then click on the top right and see what keychains you have. Hopefully your wallets are there that have your funds.

The problem is the Master key name field on the second screen when making a new wallet with my old seed, what am I suppose to wright there since I don´t have a master key? I must type something to get further… and if I do next screen is back up keys and then if I had a K as Master key and then the seed that is what´s copied !?

Then I´m in the wallet:
On this screen you want to click where it says cat dog make ... and enter the seed phrase you have written down. Then click Import.

Can´t wright only the seed phrase because it wants the Master key all the time??
And if I do the same trick again with only a letter in master key and try to import it says it already exist on my device.

At the top where it says Master key name that is just an area to write in the name you want for it, that field is not asking for a key but a name.

It sounds like you have already imported your master seed phrase. Have you clicked on wallet and then clicked through the various wallets?

What happened to your wife’s phone? Do you still have the device?

Ok thanks, good to know it´s only a name there.

yes, I have looked around but what do you mean “wallets” I only see one and that is the ANON and if I remember there should be a couple more, any other does not exist so that is probably why I can´t see coins.

In masterless there is nothing to import.
In Master keys only Anon.
So why do I only get anon with the seed when imported?.

Yes, have her phone but it was in an accident so totally smashed.

Ah, in this case it sounds like the wallets were private keys prior to seed phrase being added to the app.

I would advise having the screen repaired and accessing the wallet again. There is nothing we can do to help if you do not have a backup of all your keys, sorry.

are you shure this is it? maybe you can double check with someone?

The phone is wrecked and I mean not only the screen, a truck drove over it so more like needs a superior hardware specialists to try to get something out from it but of course I´ll try to get a hold of one. thanks :disappointed_relieved:

If she didn’t use the App actively, then double check that you don’t have v1 coins in the anon wallet. More->Settings->Convert v1 to v2 coins

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Good call @fredlee, I guess I shouldn’t assume they are actively using the wallet.

@Wavetrader Please check what @fredlee is suggesting and let us know the outcome.

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And there they were :smiley: Thanks a lot Bro for this, you saved me some future headaches lol.
She hasen´t used that wallet in a year since this matter started then.
Great Job both of you, thankyou sirs and sers.