(Solved) Bug in mobile wallet?

Tried to provide PRV liquidity (not locked) in mobile wallet with only a fraction of PRV in wallet. Got error message: “API_ERROR[API_ERROR(undefined)](API_ERROR(undefined)”. Tried several times. Wallet won’t accept funds…

Hello @KNZ,

Please go into More > Settings > Clear Balance Cached and try again.

@Support @Jared Thanks for the suggestion. Followed your instructions but still get the “undefined API_ERROR…” message. Looking over related threads, I see others have faced this issue before…

Can you send a screenshot with the error please.

@Jared Attached…

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Please try with your VPN off.

@Jared I don’t use any network without VPN. I’ve provided liquidity before, brought funds into IW successfully, traded… It’s strange that now, on the same network, I’d need to disable my VPN.

Unless we can find a way around these kinds of tech glitches, I don’t think we’re going to be successful appealing to other privacy-centric communities. IncognitoChain has got to work with VPN’s. I wouldn’t use any service that required me to drop my VPN. Hope there’s another fix.

A related note: We should be able to do all these functions using the web extension. Call me paranoid, but I do NOT trust mobile phone networks/companies that have access to apps downloaded and used–and link these to personally identifying hard-data on phones. My country is becoming increasingly legislatively aggressive against crypto and, especially, privacy.

I am attempting to do basic troubleshooting and removing all possible issues is recommended but I agree with you.

We do offer a CLI for users who do not wish to use the mobile app. The devs are still working on the browser, as it is in beta.

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Please try restarting your phone and/or reconnecting to WiFi.

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@Jared Just want to update you. I just tried to do the transaction and it appears successful now. Thanks for the tech-magic you and the team performed!

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