[Solved] BTC shielding will most likely be stuck

I shielded some BTC but it was the end of my lunch break at work and I accidentally shielded under the minimum amount. The transaction says confirmed but still pending on Incognito’s side. I still have around an hour until the shielding address expires.

This is what I’m getting on Incognito’s side.

Send at least 0.00032382 BTC (to bring the amount up to the minimum 0.001 BTC) to the shielding address before expiry. This should allow the shield transaction to complete.


Okay thank you

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Did you shield some more BTC to the shielding address to meet the minimum amount yet? If you’re done, please send DM to Support with your tx details, we will check.

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Yes I managed to send more to bring it up to the minimum amount before the shielding address expired

Ok, cool! Please send a direct message to Support with your shielding details (screenshot, hashes). We will check it out for you.

This is not how it works any more. Better not advise people to do that.

Sorry been extremely busy and haven’t even opened incognito in almost a month. The amount I sent to bump the amount up to the minimum worked and my transaction went through.

Did you contact Support as Ducky suggested? Provided them with the info?

No the transaction cleared before I was able to so I didn’t contact support.