[Solved] Bitcoin Unshield tx dropped

I sent an Unshield tx yesterday for Bitcoin. Now in the transaction details, status says Processing [9] “This is taking longer than expected. Please wait while your transaction is retried.” Status has been stuck in this state overnight. I think the tx was dropped from the Bitcoin mempool because the fee was too low? Willing to pay considerably more in fee, given the size of the tx.

How do I resend the tx or get my funds back? @Support

TX ID: #101906

Thank you.

@stixi can I get some help?

I thin you mean @Support :slight_smile:

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I hope so. Starting to get scared that my funds are lost.

hey @BPSPQR,
Don’t worry, we will check and retry your transaction with high fee.
Please feel free DM to @Support if you need any further information.
Thanks !


I have the same issue with this guy.
Could you please also help me ?

I sent 0.5BTC and still Processing [9] after 1 overnight

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hey @Ryo, we saw your message in inbox. We will retry your transaction.

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@hardy Thanks a lot. I almost panicked.

Hi, I have the same Issue, my Bitcoin didn’t unshield and I have it says the process expired at 03:06

This is the ID #102316

Please open the Unshield page by tapping the row and tap “Retry or Resume” (I don’t remember its exact name) button.

Btw, you may use this solution for all trustless bridges, i.e. non-ETH bridges.

Sorry I don’t find such page or button…
Where is it in the menu? I click on asset, then Bitcoin, then i have the transaction details… no retry button…

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Yea there’s no Unshield page and definitely no Retry or Resume anywhere either

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Yea you’re right. None of those pages or buttons exist.

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Did you tap the timed-out transaction? Another page containing a qr code should be opened. The button is on that page.

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This is not for your case @BPSPQR. This is for the “timed-out” transactions of the trustless bridges and it “only” (so not always) appears after the shielding time (as of now, 2 hours) is over.

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Where do i press on this page?


As I wrote, that button is for timed-out shielding transaction. Since you write as below, I thought that it is a timed-out transaction. But I have another mistake which I noticed just now, your tx is unshielding, not shielding. Sorry for my mistake.

So, you may wait for some time (probably, your tx in is mempool) or you can contact the support by tagging @ Support. Please note that the team members live in Vietnam and tomorrow is the weekend. So you may get a slow response. Be patient. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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Ok cool thanks, good to know.

Did they fix it for you? They haven’t retried mine yet I’m kind of freaking out.

@BPSPQR @Support
1 overnight again, and still Processing [9] again…when can you fix it?