(Solved) App keeps crashing ( solved with reinstall of app)

Using latest version on IOS phone. It opens freezes and them blinks out.
Anyone else having this issue?

Hello @Silvercap718,

Please go into your phones app settings and click to clear the cache for the Incognito app.

Don’t click clear data unless you have your keys backed up and want to do a fresh wipe

Only two options for apps on the iPhone: offload app and delete app.
I tried the offload option and it did not fix the issue.

Are you given any error messages?

When did you first notice this? Have you been able to use the new dark mode version of the app at all?

I have been using the latest version since it was green lit. I had no problems until yesterday. No error messages, just abrupt closing of app, it’s a blink and then I’m on the iPhone Home Screen.

As long as you have your keys backed up can you see if a reinstall fixes the issue?

I will try later tonight, have to dig up the keys :closed_lock_with_key:

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Finally deleted the app and reinstalled. Back up went smooth and it solved the issue of crashing. Always amazed when it all comes back with that seed phrase. The masterless ones however are a real pain in the [email protected]@ to type out.

im also having issues and I cnt even bacup anything. I suggest a update get sent to the apple app store.

Please open a support ticket. This thread is old and the issue(s) were resolved.


Whenever you create a wallet the app asks you to backup your keys. With a master seed phrase backed up, you should be covered in case of an app error/issue.