Any update on Solana? I thought I read it was done a couple of weeks ago, but I still don’t see it as a verified coin to shield in.

Are you referring to the Solana bridge? If so, yes it was done and submitted to the Solana hackathon a few weeks ago. The bridge should be in the audit atm. Security for users is a must. Once it’s done, you can shield Solana assets to the Incognito hub.


OK, thanks for the response - I just wanted to make sure someone didn’t just forget to flip a switch to enable it!

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Any word on the Solana bridge?

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Afaik, not yet. Actually, I doubt if the team could proceed with the Solana bridge audit atm.

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Hello. Fellow fan of the incognito platform. What’s the update on the completing the audit for the Solana bridge? We eagerly await the capability to use SLP tokens with Incognito.