Social media and market management for positive brand awareness

What privacy problem are you solving?

Negative/neutral awareness. Like businesses, public figures, and just about everything else in the world, the community that is Incognito has a brand. Whether we manage it or not, the brand is there, and it affects everyone that comes into contact with us. If we aren’t intentional and strategic about how we want Incognito to be understood, we won’t be nearly as effective and widespread in the global community as we should be.

What is the solution?

Create and execute a consistent communication strategy, in the form of a social media presence, community engagement, and various types of marketing. The community on the discourse and the spread by word of mouth is already great, so this proposal wouldn’t change what users are up to. Rather, if this proposal is approved, I would take the current disjointed social media and marketing efforts and unify them. The goal would be to operate under one communication strategy while retaining the individualism that makes Incognito so special.

What exactly does this look like?

Initially, I’ll set up a framework for digital strategy using platforms like Hootsuite, Awario, Google Analytics, etc. We’ve already got these, I just need to apply them.

Then, I’d get updates from the community and the core team about postworthy news, and turn this into posts. I’d write articles, tutorials, and other content, as well as edit content that the team or community members submit before posting to main channels. I’d collaborate with the folks running the ads to make sure the copy is effective. I’d also work with other folks on forms of content like videos and podcasts, the discussion on which you can find here:

Then I’d use every piece of content across each platform (Twitter, the Discourse, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, etc.), modified to fit each platform and its users.

While doing this, I’d develop a set of branding materials and communication guides so that anyone can post, having something to refer to so that the communication can stay consistent. That way, Incognito doesn’t look too messy from the outside.

Finally, I’d measure engagement and use the data to fix what isn’t working and better what is. It’s a holistic effort to better facilitate community and social media activity.

What solution do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

At the moment, we have social media channels, randomly posted to by members of the core team. We don’t have clear standards for communication and editing, and the disorganization can lead to oversight and ineffective outreach and negative brand awareness. An especially glaring hole in our communicative efforts is in the way criticism is handled. This proposal seeks to fix the issues in our strategy while preserving the free and decentralized structure even within the core team.

Who are you?

I’m @aaron. I just recently joined the Incognito core team as a copywriter/editor, and I’m narrative-focused in everything I do. For this proposal, I’ll be collaborating with @ning, @andrey, @henry, and @annie, and probably many others. What can I say? I like people. :cowboy_hat_face:

Why do you care?

People respond best to a strong story. For this project to become the standard addition to crypto transactions, like I firmly believe it should be, we have to present a brand people will respond to. Since we’re a community rather than a company, we’ll need to work even harder to ensure consistent communication to the outside world, to bring them in.

What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

This is an ongoing project. It consists of a couple one-time tasks, and a majority of repetitive tasks. Since communication is ongoing and across multiple channels, updates will be posted in the form of engagement data and process changes rather than posts or comments.

One-Time Task Deadline
Branding/Comm Guide 1st April, 2020
Social web for tracking/strategy 16th March, 2020
Recurring Task Frequency
Gather updates from community and core team Daily
Develop Social content Daily
Optimize content specific to platform and schedule to post Daily
Post, monitor, and engage in the discourse and on Social Daily
Measure and analyze engagement data to improve strategy Weekly, monthly
Coordinate with @Annie and @Henry on product ads As needed

What’s your budget?

Since this proposal only covers assisting with ad copy, and other team members are running the ads, the ad budget is not included. The cost, then, is simple:

Resource Price Quantity Monthly cost
Digital marketer 1,000 PRV 1 1,000 PRV

Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

Community engagement and growth strategy have been talked about and are being well-executed! Check out these posts by @Ducky, @Henry, @Andrey, and others:

These posts are specific to influencer marketing, browser-based advertising, and collaborations. This proposal aims to unify such efforts and expand on them, adding strategy and social media engagement.

Is there anything else you want the community to know?

I’m allergic to trees. :cry: Also, I welcome your feedback and participation! Spreading the word about Incognito is more valuable than you can imagine, and the primary social media pages aren’t enough on their own. We need your posts, comments, and word of mouth if we want to bring privacy to every crypto user. Additionally, feel free to write/submit content you want posted. Not everything you submit will be immediately usable for the main social media channels, but it will always be appreciated.


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100% for more uniformity in messages, a little worried about using Telegram, coz we are in the middle of motivating people to move from Telegram to Discourse.


Thanks for your support! Yeah, I think that concern is general consensus, so you’re definitely not alone. Telegram is the lowest on the list of priorities. My thoughts so far are to continue diminishing the telegram chat until everyone is funneled here, but to post the updates and content that gets posted on Twitter and elsewhere on a Telegram channel (where people can follow, but not respond). It’s not really any more effort, and to just skip it would be to miss out on an audience that might not operate elsewhere. There’s not a good enough reason to just skip telegram, but I can make sure to direct people away from the chat and to the discourse. What do you think?


I am sure you will do a great job.


Sounds reasonable for me.


awesome @aaron. looking forward to being better at social media. :grimacing:

moved this to funded!


Hey @aaron is there any updates from your side ?

Ideally need to submit weekly updates before the end of a Friday or lates beginning of a Monday so foundation team could verify the progress and keep funding the proposal.

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Update: March 12-22

Social media management has begun and is now finding its structure!
Since the proposal was posted, the following has been accomplished:

-Minimum 1-2 posts per day written and posted (at first just Twitter but soon after expanded).
-Deep dive articles (one form of content) scheduled to be written and posted(two have been completed)
-Weekly update email and social posts have been written and are now being edited
-Gource visualization created and posted (now removed for editing)
-Spreadsheet planning and tracking posts created and maintained.

I’ve also been working with @elena to write the announcements for the collaborations she’s been securing!

There were a few delays due to issues I had accessing the social media accounts (two-factor verification can be tricky when remote), but things are up to speed. The plan for this week is to create and post 2-4 posts per day, per platform on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram, adding Instagram soon (as it is best used with a unique style of content).
I will also be aiming for producing minimum 1 video a week (tutorials, reviews, and the like) for use on YouTube and the other platforms. The Gource visualization is the first instance of this.

Feel free to add your suggestions and questions! Thanks!


looking forward to the videos especially! you, me and @andrey (worst boyband ever) have been juggling content ideas - but seeing as they are largely tutorials and explainers, might be good to get the community to suggest what they want to see. maybe some polls? Everyone loves a good poll.

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Now we have to name the boyband

  • IncogNeat-O
  • Boyz4Privacy (+Ning)
  • I should probably knock this off and get back to work

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This maybe me just stating the obvious, but could you emphasize in every message, on every platform, the real action is happening here on Just to prevent subcultures, and losing track of user ideas and suggestions.

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I’m very good at missing the obvious so no worries about stating it.

I try to link to posts here in every post (twitter is harder given the limit but we get it done). If you notice me missing any or feel like there’s a better way to emphasize the website, let me know!

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It is more related to what I mentioned earlier. Moving away from Telegram and at the same time using it to get the message across may conflict. Guess I am looking for a big “Join the discussion on” in every message. Too much?

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It might be too “on the nose”. Funneling users to the site needs to feel natural to them and like a decision they made seeking something useful to them. While we should definitely use “join the discussion on” sometimes, to have it end every message or most messages might feel too repetitive to the people viewing the post.

For example, look at any other company that relies on an app or website engagement (it’s not a perfect example but I grabbed a screenshot of tiktok off the top of my head):

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 1.53.53 PM

Every part of a post should be designed for someone to find useful/enjoyable. “Join the discussion” or any other pasted-on link to the website just feels unnatural. But I’m open to being convinced

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Update: March 22-28

Hey everyone!
The last week went by so fast. Here’s what’s notable about the social media management so far (There is much more data, but for brevity I’m only including a snippet that gives the most accurate picture of performance):

Note, in the analytics screenshots, the blue data is from me, the grey data is from before me. Dates are reflective of the blue data, not the grey.


Because we had neglected it prior to me coming on board, Facebook’s engagement and reach are higher than they were:
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 11.55.40 PM

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 11.16.24 AM

I have also responded to comments and questions on the posts, and reported/deleted spam. Our FB following is minimal, so my main goal is to gain page likes, and to increase web traffic funneled here from FB.


LinkedIn, like FB, was mostly inactive. I’ve been consistently posting, and our followers have gone up:
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 11.56.31 PM


The main account for Incognito, Twitter has our biggest following. I’ve increased the frequency and scope of posts, and created special content like the articles you’ve seen me write here, the Gource visualization, the Incognito node map, etc. I’ve also made it a point to interact with users who interact with us, engaging in dialogue, which has been met favorably.

However, our stats have mostly gone down over the past week:
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 11.56.53 PM

There are many possibilities as to why this could have happened, and that’s what I intend to find out.

Going forward

It’s been two weeks since I began this initiative, coming up to speed in the first week, and executing consistently in the second. As a result, I now have data to clue me in to how to improve performance. So this coming week, I’ll be continuing what I did this week, and looking at the data closely to see what’s causing low performance, and how I can fix it. I’ll be testing new things over the coming weeks and adjusting as more data comes in, so we can see those charts going up.

As a growth catalyst, I’d like to connect with @Henry and consider adding boosted social media posts to the advertising strategy.

Next week, I’ll also start testing engagement-oriented posts. We did one today, in the form of a giveaway, which you can still get in on:

Also, a podcast is still in the works.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I could go on, but you get the idea. If you have suggestions, let me know!

P.S. We’re going to have a Zoom call on Tuesday with the Incognito team where we can discuss what’s going on at Incognito, and you can ask questions and give feedback right to our faces. Be on the lookout for a community update post coming soon with the details!


I agree 100%. I have also been working on getting people over to Discourse from Telegram. Have gotten over a few so far. I find the best way is to help them on Telegram! I answer their question and offer help, we start DMing, and then after helping, I will smoothly transition into asking if they have an account yet, and I end up emailing them a referral link to join. This way it’s not forced and is all mutually beneficial. I’ve found that there really are a lot of interested people out there, they just need to be given lots of attention and help and maybe even coddled a bit at first until they can launch into their own self-determined understanding and usage. Theres also the factor of many people wanting to know that we can be trusted. The trust factor seems to be huge, especially after others in the sphere have had really bad experiences losing money on other crypto platforms.

The number of Telegram users has gone down a lot in the past month and I think that’s a huge red flag because I dont think all of these people have transitioned over to Discourse, which means we may just be flat out losing people. I really think we need to give more value to the conversation in Telegram, particularly with new users, and use that as an individual transition point for each user to move to Discourse. Most ppl will not go to Discourse until they’ve established 1) Help 2) Trust. So, they just leave. I know the recent efforts of the past month have been to try and not validate Telegram in an effort to get people to go to Discourse, but I think we may need to do the opposite, or at least a mix. If we super value the questions and new people on Telegram, we now have built rapport and trust with that person. At that point, the transition to Discourse should be super easy, especially since they can also be “sold” on the point that they can earn free PRV by being a member (via badges). Every new person on Telegram is a potential validator, long term investor, and therefore has a nearly unlimited potential value.
Just my two cents! I’m sure you have more cents than me :grin:

Telegram users stats:
6133ppl (3/28)
6298ppl (3/15)
6342ppl (3/10)
6364ppl (3/7)
6383ppl (3/5)
6475ppl (2/25/20)


Needs a TL;DR; :slight_smile:

You’re right. Nice job getting them to transition, that’s really helpful! i think I’ll be starting sharing to the Telegram this week, and I want to focus on funneling them here. To do that, though, we need to provide them value where they are.


I moved twitter related convo form wallet integration project to this thread

@aaron it more about a certain tactic for twitter

I believe you know that Twitter algorithm is highly sensitive to engagement such as a comments flow. Our community is really responsive and active. We have different community segments: team, nodes, rebels, etc.

Let’s set up 1 day in a week for a twitter chat - particular topic to discuss only on twitter, better if we can organize ppl in time zones and have 24 hours live discussion there. that’s a rough plan - but it will blow twitter

topics to talk about should be related to testing of Incognito features and comparison of the features with other privacy solutions