Smart contracts in Incog

I understand Incog supports L2 (EVM) smart contracts.
If I understand correctly, Incog App trading (pDex) includes pairs from BSC Pancake swap… Pancake proxied in some way.

… So it’s possible via Incog smart contracts to proxy (point to) external defi smart contracts?
… If so, could I theoretically write Incog S.contracts proxying the defi in the new Pulse EVM chain? Would be awesome to have that, under privacy here.

Hey @CryptoWizard, it’s very good question…

This is correct, any devs could write their own privacy apps for the existing dapps from integrated EVM blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, … You are more than welcomed to build your own privacy apps by building adapter/proxy from Incognito smart contracts to the Defi dapps. This direction is the main focus of the team, you will soon see it via the new website and builder rewards program (along with a document for integration for sure)

Currently, a newly created bridge has to be integrated into the Incognito blockchain’s code first. So it’s required to support a bridge to Pulse first then you will be able to build your privacy apps like I just mentioned above.

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OK tnx for clarification.

If I remember correctly, Pulse has already been earmarked/requested for a bridge by the Incog community.

Pulse currently has testnet v2. Poss v3 on the way. Would Incog want to wait for mainnet before committing to such a project?

So, fr my side,
+1 for a Cosmos bridge
+1 for a Pulse bridge.

I know other Incog users are eagerly waiting for both of these as well. I’m not the only one.

PS I like the Incog strategy… Providing privacy for existing DeFi rather than trying to add more defi.


Hi @CryptoWizard, Thanks for your interest.

Our goal is to provide the privacy layer for every single blockchain. That includes Cosmos and Pulse. As Duc mentioned, we need to create a bridge, and then you can start to develop your privacy application on the desirable blockchains, which will take time and resources.

We have updated our roadmap here Incognito’s Q4 2022: Technical Roadmap. I hope you can take a look at our short-term plan and see that we will announce our pDAO (Privacy DAO) deployment schedule.

Incognito is a community-driven project and the voice of the community matters. When the pDAO is live, I think the community will approve this proposal and we can start building the bridge asap.

Meanwhile, please keep in touch with me and we can discuss your privacy app idea and how can we help you build the app. We appreciate your time and dedication to our project.

Love from the Incognito community :call_me_hand: