Small way to help liquidity

So i have an Idea I would like the communities feed back on as it defiantly could help with the liquidity and even actual value of PRV (this is NOT a driving factor for this idea, but it does help the community.)

You will see in my profile I am planing on starting a for profit business that is driven to support charity by donating 50% of profits. So this is a version of this.

What if we a created our own .999 Silver Proof 1oz coin in a Limited edition run? The design could be voted on by the community. Then sold through the Incognito app (And Yes, other merchandise would be a GREAT idea!)


whatever % of the proceeds you folks decided to stake would simply increase liquidity of PRV helping all members out.

Silver will always maintain a real value and is collectible.
Like Crypto can go up in value
increases exposure of Incognito
and more!

so your turn. What do you think?


I’m not sure I follow the point of tying a physical asset to a digital one.

If you wanted to use a digital asset to own silver you could do so via the synthetix network or some other online platform that allows digital selling of bullion.

As for the selling of other incognito related merch there are members on here already doing that and you’re welcome to do the same.

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not tying a physical asset to a digital one at all. Maybe I was vague. The silver coin is a simple merchandise item that has a real world value since its made from silver. proceeds from these sales would be staked for a minimum of 1 year, so they does help keep liquidity up, if not increase it all together.


Commemorative coin :heavy_check_mark:
Charity :heavy_check_mark:

My biggest worry would be someone making a light as paper coin that doesn’t feel real. A solid one like you described is awesome!

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I honestly forgot to follow up with this thread! Yes, I mean an honest to goodness .999 pure silver, 1oz coin. Just like the collector silver coins from the U.S mint.

While I could do the cheap coin options too, I wanted to provide something, that no matter what is still going to have a tangible, real world value. Not just a novelty item.