Small feedback

Change ‘LiteCoin’ to ‘Litecoin’ in all places

Add swipe gestures for seamless movement to previous screens (it is a swipe from the left-most side of the screen to the centre of the screen)

(I havent had time to read through all the new features coming up, so excuse me if this has been mentioned) Include smart sorting in the order history. Include the ability to sort out all unsuccessful transqactions.

Show more comprehensive data in the preview of each order transaction (from order history page) such as date (and possibily time). Use BOLD to make some parts stand out. also we don’t need to see that the order was ‘Trade #41360’ in the preview. Possibly a better data would be ‘PRV -> BTC’, for an example.

Show the exchange rate in the detailed view of the trade (when clicked on the order from the order history page). and show it both ways. example: show both 0.000053295 PRV / BTC and 18763.54793 BTC / PRV

Some ideas I had, hope they are considered.



It is always nice to have feedback. Some of it has already been mentioned, but that doesn’t matter.

We do, so the devs can identify a transaction more easily in case there is a need to take a closer look. Some people already find making a screenshot troublesome, if they had to take additional steps to make that ID show up somehow, it would largely increase their frustration.

App development is tracked in this post at the moment to keep things centralized.


cc @tien


I added to the App plan. Thank for your feedback, @2657k1AUcann!