[Shipped] Quality Assurance Progress Update for Incognito Blockchain - Jan 2021

Quality Assurance Processes:


Test plan:

Start Date Delivery Date Status Task Goal
Jan 01 Jan 15 Done DCS - Extend Epoch Length Integration test, find and fixing bugs before deploying on TESTNET
Jan 15 Jan 30 Done DCS - Staking Flow v2 Regression Test on TESTNET
Jan 20 Jan 30 Scheduled BFT1 to BFT2 Upgrade Upgrade from Fixed block producer to Round-robin block producer
Jan 01 Feb 30 In-Progress Privacy v2 - One Time Address Integration test, find and fixing bugs before deploying on TESTNET
Jan 01 Jan 30 In-Progress Automation testscript update Updating testscript Staking, Reward, Fault-Tolerance
Jan 20 Feb 03 In-Progress Portal v4 Portal v4 design review
Jan 01 Feb 30 In-Progress RPC documentation Explain params used in RPC and common Error

Key results:

  • Address as many issues as possible in the early stage of development.
  • No bug on mainnet of Incognito-chain’s released features: Send Transaction, Reward, Staking, Bridge, Portal and Trading (pDEX, pKyber, pUniswap, p0x).
  • Release DCS feature on June 2021
  • Reduce block time to 10secs per block

Past discussion


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Github Incognito Chain


Maybe it’s too late to provide input on this but I’d like to see some kind of time-weighted picking of validator rewards. Not quite random but something to ensure that people don’t go a month or two without a reward.

@hieutran can you show him the chart of selected validators of each epoch?


@0xkumi i remember that you show me the chart before.

My update on the progress of Jan:

  • BFT2, deployed on Testnet2, preparing regression test all features
  • Privacy v2: 3 phases of testing:
    • before breakpoint (accept both transaction v1, v2)
    • on breakpoint ( an epoch which only accept transaction v2 afterward)
    • after breakpoint (accept only transaction v2)
      => we’re at 3rd phase, eta: 2 weeks.
  • DCS: retest breakpoint enable slashing (on-going)
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