[Shipped] Quality Assurance Progress Update for Incognito Blockchain - Feb 2021

Quality Assurance Processes:


Test plan:

Start Date Delivery Date Status Task Goal
Feb 15 Feb 28 In-Progress CI/CD Convert jenkins build chain job to pipeline
Feb 15 Feb 28 In-Progress DCS - Staking Flow v2 Slashing breakpoint test on Local env
Feb 07 Feb 28 In-Progress BFT2 Fork chain Simulate fork chain and observe chain behavior
Feb 01 Feb 28 In-Progress Privacy v2 - One Time Address Integration test, find and fixing bugs before deploying on TESTNET
Feb 01 Feb 28 In-Progress Automation testscript update Adding Fault-Tolerance testscript
Feb 07 Feb 15 In-Progress Portal v4 Portal v4 testcase design
Feb 01 Feb 28 In-Progress RPC documentation Explain params used in RPC and common Error, restructure the document content.

Key results:

  • Address as many issues as possible in the early stage of development.
  • No bug on mainnet of Incognito-chain’s released features: Send Transaction, Reward, Staking, Bridge, Portal and Trading (pDEX, pKyber, pUniswap, p0x).
  • Release DCS feature on June 2021
  • Reduce block time to 10secs per block

Past discussion


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I’m looking forward to one time addresses.

PS: I searched for Feb 30 in my calendar but couldn’t find it. :wink:


Haha that’s what happens when you use a previous post as a template. Thanks for pointing it out! It’s a holiday week in VN so I’ve updated it for him.

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Looking good indeed… :sunglasses:

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