[Shipped] Privacy Version 2

Hi @Jamie,

The difference between your bank account and incognito address is that the bank account does not visible to the public. No one can view your bank account’s history except only you.

In the current version, we did not hide the identity of the receiver. So, anyone can listen to the network and monitor your address’s history.

Typically, some payment systems based on cryptocurrency require the sender must include a payment id for their transaction. @Mike_Wagner’s suggestion is one of the solutions. I think it up to the solution of the third party like Incognito wallet app.

From the chain side, we have a protocol for the sender to prove that this TxId was created by him. I think we will add it to an explorer like IncScan in the future.



Thanks for your reply. Do you mean the sender address will still show up in the app but can not be monitored by “listening to the network”?

Or are you saying we completely rely on the memo to know whom the crypto came from?

I mean rely on the memo field. This field is open to use for multiple purposes. For example, the app can add an option for the sender to show his identity by using memo (e.g., ticked on checkbox), and only the receiver can view the identity of sender.


Update progress:

  • Privacy2 already deployed on Devnet.
  • App team is upgrading SDK and App based on Privacy2.
  • New backend coin service to boost app performance is testing.

We will release the instruction for the external builder to develop on Privacy2 soon!


Hi @hieutran,

Thanks for the updates!

A question for you: Will you deploy Privacy v2 on the actual Incognito testnet?

Hi @inccry, according to the plan, we will deploy privacy 2 on Testnet from early April.

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Will this affect the existing RPCs? If yes, which Github branch do you use for privacy v2? Thanks. @hieutran

Hi @abduraman,

Yes, some RPCs will be changed. We are developing on the branch: https://github.com/incognitochain/incognito-chain/tree/dev/privacy-v2


Hi there, I just wanted to get this thread going again.

I’m really looking forward to having Pv2 active. I’m waiting on the sidelines now, but plan to jump in in a big way with that upgrade. Are we still on track for Q3 2021 for main net implementaion?

Hi @HiddenBear,

Privacy V2 is coming in the next few weeks. See this post for more detail.


Do coins currently residing in Provide need to be withdrawn to implement the conversion?

Hi @kichoman,

Sorry for the late reply. No you don’t have to withdraw your fund in Provide. Next time you withdraw, the fund will be in v2.

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Hey @hieutran, the link on this page (see above) is broken, can you please update it? Thanks.

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