[Shipped] Launch pDEX v2 & hit 650k In trading volume.

Incognito doesn’t run an ICO, don’t sell tokens, it’s even NOT an ICO agency.

Incognito is a decentralized protocol and people can use it even if we don’t want them to use. More likely projects which will do fundraising should take care of legal part of it.

I haven’t heard that Vitalik has any problems because of thousands of ICOs happen on Ethereum.

I got what you mean, that it we will sit quite there will be less attention, but why do you think regulators may come to me if someone run it on our chan ?


Hey! I get what you mean but what I was saying is do not encourage it or incentivize it, or propose projects to do fundraising thru the chain. Just let them come independently do whatever they wanna do and leave. Just like in the recent umaprotocol ieo on uniswap. Uniswap didn’t say anything about that ieo, never they promoted it or supported them, not even a single tweet about an IEO on their protocol


Updates for the week of May 4 - May 8, 2020:

  • Finally, We have launched pdex rewards screen after a delay because of some issue.
  • We are working on pKyber. It will be released next week.
  • We are also working on new pDex flow (removing deposit/withdraw).

pDEV v2 has been released today. You can check it on the app


Hey guys!
I would like to share the progress we got last during this month and goals we reached:

On May 31:

  • We reached $2.8M In trading volume (+$1.3M compare to April)




That is some pretty incredible growth in trading volume! Great job to all the team for the hard work in pushing this project forward.


Keep pDex/Incognito going the direction it is. Let The regulated boys like Binance and coinbase allow there uses to be “active” Crypto traders. What Incognito provides, everyone of Binance and Coinbase users could benefit from. A way to keep those earnings private. To me that is what Incognito is all about.

We are asset protection as far as the investing world would see what incognito provides IMO.


Congrats to the team for the nice trading volume.

I can’t wait for pkyber to do all my trading within incognito. Keep up the great work.