[Shipped] Increase liquidity pools for Incognito DEX

But this is not safe at all. No comparsion to a hardware wallet.

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Yes I agree. But as as far as I know they are working on an improvement. Soon you should be able to see instantly what you´ll earn.

Hey guys! Probably many of you already saw that Pool V2 was launched and we sated a new way of collecting liquidity for Incognito DEX. Looking forward for more people to participate in it!

Meanwhile, total liquidity pools came back to $3M after June’s drop. Thank you everyone who participates and helps us to grow Incognito DEX.


The future is for privacy. No doubt.


Wen Eth? :pray::grin:


Very soon :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

I would like to share a progress update for this proposal.

At the beginning of June, we experienced a drop in liquidity, possibly related to LP reward structure changes. Optimistically, I believe that it overall had a positive impact – short term speculators attracted to APYs who couldn’t care less about privacy left, and those more invested in the long-term vision stayed.

Here were our targets:

  • +900k - exceeded by 260%
  • Release Pool v2 - delivered
  • Release cross-pool trade functionality - delayed
  • Release pUniswap - delayed


This is just the beginning – we keep moving forward. Special thanks to everyone who understands the importance of liquidity and contributes to it.


I see the app says pUniswap was just added. Great work team :sunglasses: Will there be a way to see all available pairs when completing a trade? Right now it seems to display the best price/ best liquidity option automatically.


Yep, unfortunately a bit delayed, but delivered!

Regarding the improvements. This Thursday we will launch pUniswap page, will try to collect all suggestions and ideas there) We’ll move your comment there as well.