[Shipped] Grow the Incognito community

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the version 2 of Community Engagement :slight_smile: :tada:

Length: 3 months (August, September, October).

August goal:

Stickiness rate: > 30%

August initiatives:

  • Conduct a survey of the motivation to go Incognito. The results of this survey will be investigated by the core team to sketch out the next plan for the community growth.

  • Implement the policy of community restrictions on spams/ misbehaviour.

Currently we have this friendly guidelines: Reading is fundamental, and other guidelines.

:tada: :tada: August results update

Thank you all for helping us to build the healthy community together. Here are some updates from community engagement angle:

August goal : Stickiness rate >30%
Actual result : Stickiness rate = 31%

Please scroll down to the comment section for full results update. :point_down:

September goal:

Stickiness rate: 37%

September initiatives:

  • Getting Incognito pDEX listed on reputable websites.
  • First experiment with a local Spain team.

This proposal is associated with initiative 7 in the 2020 roadmap.

Hey friends, if you have any ideas to help the forum be more helpful, get Incognito closer to crypto users and inspire people to speak up, feel free to leave comments here or PM me directly. I’m all ears!

Stay safe and enjoy Incognito! :black_circle:


I only love incognito because it has beautiful girls like you @Ducky :heart_eyes:

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August results update

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for helping us to build the healthy community together. Here are some updates from community engagement angle:

August goal: Stickiness rate >30%
Actual result: Stickiness rate = 31%
:tada: :tada:

Additionally, here are some more things that have been done in August:

  • After experimenting with the Builder Rewards program for the past couple of months, we’ve made new eligibility criteria and have it started from this month. We hope that it will make the program more effective and fair.
  • Created News category where everyone is invited to come and discuss important movements around crypto currency space.

Backlog: we haven’t conducted a survey of the motivation to go Incognito yet. It will be planed to get execution in September.

September goal

Stickiness rate: 37%

September initiatives:

  • Make a calling for help to get Incognito pDEX listed on reputable websites. Refer to DeFi Pulse listing.
  • Experiment: Grow Español section and acquire more users by building a local Spanish team. cc @Chucky

Everyone…if you have any ideas to help grow the forum, and bring it closer to new users, feel free to leave a comment here or DM me.

Thank you!


You got my vote kent and I totally agree with you… :wink: :smiling_imp: :100: :sunglasses:

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Hey @Ducky, how can we join the Spain Team? Actually I am in Spain :smiley: Is Spain Team from @Chucky ?

Yes ) Please start a convo with my buddy @Chucky :joy:


September results update

Hey everyone!

Thank you all for being active and engaged with our community. It’s time for my September update.

September goal: Stickiness rate 37%
Actual result: Stickiness rate = 33% :unamused:

Here are some highlights from September activities:

:bell: Community builders: This month, we’ve got 3 new products to participate in the Builder Rewards vote:

Voting is still open at September Builder Rewards. Feel free to try out all products built by community builders, and cast your vote for your favorite one.

:bell: Rebels campaign: is live at Calling for Incognito Rebels!.

If you would like to be a part of the movement to make privacy more accessible and adaptable, come join us! The Rebel Alliance needs you!

:bell: Local Spanish team: Good news is that the plan is almost done. We’re at the final step to translate all initiatives from Spanish to English, and will have it posted on the Community/Ideas section to get feedback from the community in October. We hope that this initiative will help to grow Incognito strongly, acquire more privacy-focus users, especially those who are native Spanish speakers. cc @Chucky :kissing_heart:

October plan

October is expected to be a super exciting month with my concentration on these 2 priorities:

:black_circle: #1 - Organzing the anniversary of 1-year Incognito Mainnet launch.

Hurray! You know, the Incognito Mainnet was launched in Nov 2019. What about celebrating a big birthday party for Incognito? :slight_smile:


  1. Online event/ livestream.

  2. Special game? :slight_smile:

  3. Party :upside_down_face:

Have any cool idea for this celebration? Great! Let’s have a discussion via DM. Looking forward to hearing your inputs!

:black_circle: #2 - Growing the Builders ecosystem.

Goal: Getting on-board 3 new builders.


  1. Try to complete the instructive documentation for external builders.

  2. Approach to more outside developers from other platforms, such as: Blockstack app Mining, Gitcoin, ect.

  3. Upgrade the eligibility criteria for both sides:

  • Products: How to be an eligible candidate for the voting list?
  • Community members: Who will be eligible to receive vote tokens?

:warning: Need Community inputs :warning:

Hey everyone, here are some of our concerns that we would love for you to give your opinions on:

1. Product’s utility: What is the most rational metric to define the utility of a product built by community builders? How to measure it?

2. Transparency: What is the most effective way to avert these negative behaviors:

  • Buy$Sell vote tokens among community members, or community members - builders.
  • Spammers try to get vote tokens by attaining TL2, TL3.

3. Community expectation: What is a product that’s most needed in the months ahead?

Do not hesitate to DM me if you have any considerations for these questions. I’m all ears!

:tada: :tada: :tada:

Thank you! Wish you all a fabulous month ahead!


I have some suggestions:
1- Technical Impossibility: Limited-hop coins can be minted for voting. This coins can be transferred at most twice. The team sends it to the vote owner and the vote owner sends the builder’s poll account. After this, it cannot be moved. So nobody can buy these coins unless he/she likes buying a coin without any value and which he/she cannot move :joy: To me, the best option.
2- Financial Difficulty / Classical PoS Voting: Only the validators can vote. A validator’s node will earn VOTE coin when it joins the committee. This VOTE coin can be sold but the holders will be in a dilemma: unsustainable short-term profit or sustainable long-term profit. The builder can buy VOTE tokens or earn them by staking PRV but she will be at a risk: paying more money than what she will possibly earn. To me, this option is still exploitable to some extent. Besides, we ignore the community here (forum). If it is important, only T3 may receive VOTE coins to encourage the forum activity but to prevent spamming.

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Only giving votes to T3 will cause the forums to be nothing but spam and diatribes about nothing instead of well thought out and meaningful discussion.
Plenty of tl2 have way more trust in my opinion then some of the TL3 (which the whole TL ratings here have nothing to do with actual Trust and is more about chatting and popularity level).

I do not agree with you. T2 may be obtained much more easily than T3 may be. And to keep T3 level, some activity should be performed continuously. In addition, since we will apply classical PoS voting, the validators will have more VOTE coins (to my model).

Is it possible to limit those coins to only be sent to the builder reward vote addresses?

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Currently, not. Like limited-hop coins, it requires some coding.

October results update

Hi all,

Thanks for being engaged with the community activities during the past months (and support my proposal :slight_smile:). Here is my final update:

#1 Organizing the anniversary of 1-year Incognito Mainnet launch.


1. Online event: We’re going to have a special call where we will look back on all of the achievements that we’ve made in the very first year, share with everyone what we’ve learned, and discuss what’s next in 2021.

Let’s join us for the November PRV Holders Call.

2. A special video capturing all achievements of the 1st year will be published on our YouTube channel soon. Stay tuned!

3. Special game? Sure, a Privacy Hunt game will launch in the new quarter, with the target is to attract 6k participants :slight_smile:

To know how the Privacy Hunt looks like and how to play it, do keep your eyes on this proposal of @Marina.

#2 Growing the Builders ecosystem.

Browse through the Builders/Community category to find more useful products built by Incognito’s community builders.

These criteria will be continually updated in accordance with the growth speed of the project, and with more experiments with the builder rewards program.


Due to the lack of resources, we couldn’t complete a specific documentation for external builders :frowning:

In the new quarter (November 2020 - January 2021), we will have a separate topic about this demand on the forum, in the Builders/Community section to ask for community helpers soon. Hopefully we can, together, strengthen the Incognito ecosystem by giving dedicated support to our builders.

:loudspeaker:…And last but not least…if you’re interested in the Builders playground, don’t forget to join in the Builders Meetup on this Wednesday, 04 November 2020 for further discussion. See you then!

Thank you all <3

:gem: In terms of Growth activities, check out this topic to get the overview of what’s going on in our new quarter. :slight_smile: