[Shipped] Grow number of shielded TX

Hey guys,

Marina here! This is a November proposal by the Growth team. In it, we will briefly introduce our November-February plans as well as dig into November goals in more detail.

The major goal in the new quarter (November 2020 - January 2021) is to raise the number of shielded transactions.

We plan to launch the following initiatives that will help us to reach the targeted goal:

  • Privacy Quest - the first online privacy game with world-class gifts (Nov)
  • Make an official launch of pUniswap (Nov)
  • Launch the first privacy-protecting web extension (Dec)
  • Launch Incognito Cold Wallet - the first privacy tool on a default cold wallet (Jan)

The goal for November is to increase the number of shielding transactions by +30%. To make it happen the Growth team will focus on the following directions:

  • Strengthen the Builders community (@Ducky)
    • Add three new builders In Nov
    • Improve Builder Rewards flow
  • Work on Incognito listing and partnerships (@Chucky)
    • List Incognito DEX on at least three internationally-known trackers
    • Bring partnership with Bitwage
  • Improve SERP and recognition (@Marina)
    • Manage SEO and ASO.
    • Launch the Privacy Hunt game. Target: to attract 6k participants.
    • Official launch of pUniswap. Overall metric: Number of Shielded Transactions +15%
  • Improve the quality of written content. (@Aaron)
    • Brush up the blog.
    • Produce two SEO-friendly articles (Wasabi vs Incognito, Samourai vs Incognito)
  • Boost adoption of the Incognito DEX. (@Elena)
    • Integrate Incognito DEX with at least one crypto wallet
    • Produce at least one high-quality video per week that matches the trending keywords and is related to the Incognito DEX (four videos in total)

I’d like you to know that we’re constantly improving the Incognito app, forum (especially navigation), and content. And we’d be glad to hear more from you. Any feedback is valuable, so if you have any ideas on how to make Incognito even better – let us know. Share it in the Ideas section or DM @Marina or @Andrey.

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the content you would like to see on our YouTube channel, feel free to DM @Elena.

Thanks in advance!


What is this Bounty Hunt game???:sunglasses:


Be on the lookout for an announcement soon :wink:

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Hello everyone! I’m here with a bi-weekly update.
01-14 Nov the whole team has been focusing on the game. It’s still in development. We’re really grateful for a pre-launch and that the community’s taking an active role in it. It has also gained recognition in media, and we’re getting a lot of new users lately.

The number of shielded transactions: 996 as of Nov, 15th. If we multiply it by 2, it will be 1992. Which is +23% from the previous month’s count (1615).

Latest PR:

Game pre-launch showed that people do actually care about privacy and are familiar with projects and personalities contributing to it. We had over 2 000 new downloads and a lot of new users on the forum :slight_smile: nice to have you here!
The team received many nice comments on the game, saying that it helped deal with hard Covid times… appreciate your feedback, keeps me going.

And the game is the primary goal, as we either nail it or fail it. We’re also very enthusiastic about the collaborations the game is bringing.

But I guess we’ll tell you about them later, don’t want to spoil the surprise :wink:

As usual, your ideas are welcome. See you in two weeks!


Hey guys,

It’s the end of November, and that means it’s time for a bi-weekly update!
To be honest, this month was pretty challenging, since we started doing something entirely new and unprecedented. By that, I mean the Privacy Quest.

We had to postpone some of our plans to make sure that the users get the best game possible. Even during the weekend, we were keeping watch, helping people with all sorts of situations.

So it goes! We’re pushing the Quest forward next week together with some BIIIG partnerships (uuugh I want to tell you about them so badly, but you’ll just have to wait :upside_down_face:). I will keep you posted on this in the December bi-weekly.

As for results, in November alone we saw growth of over +30% shielded transactions, which was the total goal. Now, we have over 2,000 shielded TX this month.

I bet that this success is related to the Quest pre-launch and support from big media (see the list in a previous post on this thread).

Community members also helped spread the word. For example, I really appreciate @sid’s initiative in traffic acquisition.

As for the other updates,

  • Builders flow was updated. We asked the Builders to provide some more insight about their building process. Some of them even started doing DEMOs, making a short pitch or video about the development and updates!
  • Thanks to active work from the community and @Elena, we got listed on Coingecko! Since then, PRV has been growing.
  • We have reached more than 8,000 downloads of the Incognito Wallet app in the last 28 days.
  • We reached milestones of $27,000,000+ in total trading volume, $15,000,000+ in pDEX liquidity, and $32,000,000+ in total shielded!
  • Some SEO-friendly articles are ready and waiting to be published.
  • The pUniswap launch is waiting for its start hour, and is supported by the Uniswap team :unicorn:

These are not all the updates, but I will be sharing more later - so as to not spoil the surprise :wink:


Hey hey hey!

This month, December 2020, the Growth team and the Community team are separating their efforts to reach some big and important goals.

:black_circle: Growth team: @elena, @aaron, @marina. We’ll be working on Privacy Quest and marketing primarily.

:black_circle: Community team: @ducky @peter @chucky. Please be sure to read their proposal as well, they’re focusing on building a helpful and active community.


Get as many shielded transactions as possible (min growth is 30% /month).


  1. The Privacy Quest
  • Get as many projects and personalities in blockchain and privacy into the Quest, as well as attract new players @marina
  • Manage the Quest as a product and ensure a great player experience for the game @elena
  1. pUniswap Launch @marina
    Aim: to have an official launch and attract the userbase of Uniswap to Incognito.

  2. Integrations @andrey
    Aim: first privacy gateway integration


One month (December)

What we aim to achieve with a game is to raise awareness of the importance of privacy. It is a big mission within Incognito itself, so we wanted to make it an interactive journey for the users. It’s edutainment. It’s the first of its kind, and we’re glad to be the first. It’s one small step for man.

Any help is appreciated :raised_hands: :slight_smile:

  • if you found a bug, DM @Support
  • if you’re willing to help, retweet
  • if you know anyone from privacy or blockchain projects who’d be interested in joining the quest- we’ll be happy to get acquainted.
  • if you can get us acquainted with privacy or blockchain media, that would be A great help!

Please do tell your friends about the game - the more players, the faster we’ll hold the BTC lottery!

The holidays are coming and with them - more unique quests and prizes in the Incognito App Privacy Quest!


Hey everyone,
The bi-weekly update is here :slight_smile:

I’m here to tell you how things are going with the Privacy Quest.

  • Since the start of the Quest, we’ve had over 10 000 new downloads of the Incognito App.
  • More than half of those played the Privacy Quest.
  • Shielded transactions increased by 40%.
  • The total cross-marketing reach is 50 000+.

I’m really glad that many top privacy projects joined the Quest and contributed their resources. Together, we came out with some fantastic and tricky questions to challenge the amazing players that kept surprising us with their dedication to finding the answers.

Some projects even posted their own topics:

>> See the total list of projects here.

Some of Twitter support from the participants :raised_hands:

For the next weeks, we plan to support the quest, until all 21 000 BTC LOTTO are distributed. Other projects will be joining, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As usual, if you have any contacts in media or other privacy projects, your help connecting us is appreciated!

This coming month will be all about working on integrations. I’ll let you know in two weeks what exactly I mean by that and will share more results!

Please enjoy this most magical time of the year. Treat yourself to joyful events and spend more time with loved ones.



Hi everyone! It’s the end of December, and I’m here with an update for you. :raised_hands:

Key results:

  • Shielded transactions growth: 20%
  • All-time high in shielding volume: 1.8M

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 12.42.51 PM

Privacy quest

In December we have fixed bugs and UI glitches in the Privacy Quest, so I hope now you have a better player experience for the game. If you still have any issues feel free to DM me :slight_smile:

Since the official launch, more than 10+ privacy projects participated in the Privacy Quest and shared the information about the game in social media. The total cross-marketing reach is 60 000+.

We have also reached around 3,000 downloads of the Incognito Wallet app and 2,000 active players, who opened the chests and span the wheel.

Thank you, everyone, for telling your friends about the game and helping us to improve it.

pUniswap launch

We have officially launched the pUnisawap, and now you can trade absolutely anonymously on the biggest Ethereum DEX. Unfortunately, the Uniswap team haven’t shared this information yet.

Special thanks to the community members who helped us to spread the word.


We are in discussion with some exchanges and wallets about the integration of privacy gateway and farming feature. However, we don’t have any commitment yet. Also, our community builders started to work on Incognito integration into Signal and Telegram. As soon as we have a prototype, we will contact the core team with an integration idea.:muscle:

As always, any feedback is valuable, If you have any ideas for the game or can get us acquainted with any privacy or blockchain projects who are interested in integration, feel free to DM me:)

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!:black_heart: :christmas_tree: :santa:


Hey guys!

January update is ready for you:) This month our goal was to attract users from other networks and reach 3,000 monthly shield transactions, 1,000 from integrations.

Key results:

  • Number of shielding transactions: 3,249; MoM growth: 23%.
  • ~ 200 shielding transactions from LTC and DASH integrations.
  • ATH in shielding volume: $2.5M

Privacy quest

We have started to test out different ideas on how to speed up the game and make it more exciting. The initiative with app gamification helps us to increase the number of shielding and trading transaction. However, we’ve decided to pause this feature and come up with something better.

More information about it you can find here: Privacy Quest update: More ways to get QUEST.

New bridges

This month was good for new coins integration. We’ve officially announced Litecoin and DASH bridges and also finished ZCash one. Soon these coins will be available on the pDEX as well. :raised_hands:

That’s all from me. Looking forward to seeing you on the PRV Holders Call this Friday!


Great job!

For Privacy Quest game, one feedback would be: if there is something new announce it ahead of time so people don’t freak out and do something stupid without knowing what is going on. This also results in lots of people posting for help saying “what is this, why is this happening”. But if this is intentional chaos and all part of the game, then hats off to you, because it is fun. But sort of a fun chaos. haha. My feedback then becomes, just decide the intention and move with that with the new features :wink:

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