[Shipped] CX: Improvement for the reply time & follow up

Objective: Improve the user experience

Last month key results:

  • Bug category: The first reply is 2.4 hours.
  • Bug category: Time to solve the issue is 3.9 days.

Length: 1 month

Key results:

  • Help category: The first reply is below 2 hours.
  • Help category: Time to solve the issue is below 4 days.

Resource: Peter, Chucky, Jamie, and Nathaniel


  • Experiment with 24/7 support
  • Track issues related to the app and the node (virtual/ physical)
  • Follow up pending issues
  • Support shipping/ return/ replace physical Node

Proposal update September 2020

Key results:

1/ Help category: The average first reply time is below 2 hours.

  • Result: 129.7 minutes ~ 2.12 hours.

2/ Help category: The average time to solve the issue is below 4 days.

  • Result: 3.37 days.

1/ The first one is all time tracked (Mon-Sun). A post can be handled quickly after 6 minutes, but it can also take up to 24 hours.

2/ Those issues that over-extended (UTXOs issue, “Fix-it” message, notification, etc…) are excluded until it is solved.

We can quickly handle those issues related to Shield/ Unshield/ Provide, UI/ UX, Trading, both in public topics or private messages. However, the issue requires much time to deploy a fix take for weeks/ or months.

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