[Shipped] Content Support for Core Team

Who are you?

I’m @aaron. I’m a narrative marketer and a writer/editor. Added to the fact that I advocate for privacy and individual freedom, that unfortunately makes me a keyboard warrior. Thankfully, I love what I do.

What DO you do?

I’m glad you asked. Every morning I don my cape and tights and sit at my computer, scouring the net for problems to solve. Realistically, that looks like:

  • Reading incognito.org posts and editing them for any glaring mistakes.
  • Writing at least one news category piece per week to highlight Incognito achievements.
  • Writing at least one deep dive topic/tutorial for incognito.org per week, in addition to the Weekly Update Newsletter.
  • Assisting other core team members with their written materials as requested, and proofreading them.
  • Posting 1-3 pieces of content to each of our social platforms (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Telegram) daily, and finding ways to improve the quality of our social presence.
  • Organizing and co-hosting the monthly AMA session.

Those are my recurring tasks. Like the other core team members, I also help answer questions other community members have and enjoy building out relationships with the community. In addition to the above activities, this month, my content project is to get the 20 Questions series off the ground with 2-3 episodes published, and to come up with other ways for the community to engage with Incognito.

What’s your budget?

Commodity Time Price
1x Writer/Editor 1 Month 1000 PRV



I work across the various teams at Incognito, so my main goal is coworker satisfaction. A rating of 80% or above concerning how helpful I’ve been to the team and whether I’ve accomplished the above tasks will determine my success.


The minimum content I’ll be putting out is as follows:

  • 1x weekly news post
  • 1x weekly deep dive/tutorial
  • 1x weekly update
  • 2x “20 Questions” videos
  • 1x AMA
  • 1-3x daily social posts per platform (weekend posts when necessary).

The goal is to achieve the minimum satisfaction rating while performing both the above tasks and any support the rest of the Incognito core team needs. To measure the quality of content, I’d like to see 10% increase in engagement across social platforms and the Discourse.

What are the key results?

Result 1: 80% or greater coworker satisfaction rate at the end of the month.
Result 2: Publish the minimum content described above.

Is there anything you want the community to know?

Much of what I do is geared towards you and other members of the community. If there is content you want to see from Incognito, let me know. And if you see something you don’t like or that detracts from the project, let me know. Thanks!


To see more social media content ie Facebook and especially YouTube with all the above mention updates, etc would be awesome/beneficial

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Noted! Thanks for the feedback. The video content is the most time consuming, so I’m hoping to launch the 20 Questions series, find my flow, and scale up. I’ll keep you posted!

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Would love to see the videos that are available on YouTube also available on platforms more focused on decentralization ie theta.tv, lbry.com or dlive


Oh good idea! I’ll look into it.

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Awesome @aaron. This proposal got 5/5 vote, so I’ve updated in into “funded proposals” category. Please share with the community weekly update.


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Weekly Update 1:

The first week has gone swimmingly :whale2:

@andrey and I were joined by many of you, as well as Incognito core team members, at the monthly PRV Holders call/AMA, which you can catch here.

Speaking of which, this week I also made the recap post for it.

Each day, I posted to our social media platforms, and put out a couple updates on Telegram. Part of my social media tasks included announcing the logo change. It was awesome how you guys got right to work making it your own by creating these designs.

I wrote the weekly update email and posted it here and across social media, as well as the validator news you may have seen. I also worked with @ning and @tuyen on updating our app store presence, although I fell a bit behind. Finally, I helped a few team members rewrite their proposals, and performed my various proofreading duties.

To round out the week, today I finished the first draft of a liquidity news piece, and am currently finishing the first draft of a deep dive into the pDEX. I also am finishing the script for the first 20 Questions episode (which I’d like to film this coming week), and may start on another article this weekend. I guess you’ll find out in my next weekly update :wink:

As always, let me know your thoughts, questions, and suggestions! Last week I had some good feedback around social media content and platforms from a couple of community members, which I’m currently looking into. Let’s make your suggestion my next project!


thanks for the update aaron!

would you be able to share more details about the 20 questions episode? when will it air? sounds fun!

could you also please share engagement stats for the work you’ve done, so the rest of the team can start channeling your efforts into the most effective mediums?

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Weekly Update 2: - Happy Friday!

This week, I did the usual:

  • Daily social media
  • Weekly update email/post
  • Community interaction and site edits

and also assisted:

I took over the special badge awards, although in truth there wasn’t much to do for it this week except award them! I’m looking forward to what’s coming, though.

Then, there was a whole slew of things I started but am not ready to complete yet, which I’ll talk about below:

I was commissioned by Annie to write 4 tutorials this and next week, which I started drafting this week:

  • How to cash out PRV
  • How to buy Node with PRV
  • How to buy BTC/ETH with PRV
  • How to pay with PRV for ecommerce (such as at Autonomous)

To start those, I forwent (weird word, but I checked and it is the past tense of "forego) the weekly tutorial and news piece this week. The aforementioned pDEX deep dive I was working on has been sidelined for now, so I can figure out a more systematic way to solve the new user confusion problem. Based on feedback from the community and the fact that people don’t read, I’m hoping to join the effort for an Incognito Academy. I will update here if any moves are made on that front.

I will continue next week, which will leave me with a total of three news pieces and seven tutorials for the month, which I believe is an acceptable substitution for the goal of four news pieces and tutorials. But let me know :slight_smile:

The 20 Questions video did not get filmed this week. I scrapped what I had of a script and refocused on making the questions better (only about 7 community submitted questions, so the rest I made based on what I think would be useful/interesting for the community and newcomers). I am finishing the script today, filming this weekend ideally, and editing/publishing early next week. On Monday I will post the next question prompt for the second video.

Next week, my priorities are:

  • Publish the first and start the second 20q videos
  • Finish at least two of the commissioned tutorials, as well as one of my own
  • continue to meet the initial recurring tasks set in the proposal
  • Discuss with the rest of the team what we should do about the need for new-user guidance, and get started.

As always, more is sure to come up!
Thanks for reading, please feel free to share your thoughts!

Expand for a reply to @ning's earlier comment:

I included the 20 questions answer above, but here are some engagement stats:


Our number of followers is trending down, but engagement activities are not. Since the start of the proposal, we’ve had 111 engagement activites, whether likes/RTs/replies, at a pretty steady rate per post. Average likes per post is 7, RTs 3. I don’t think the vast majority of our Twitter followers are our actual audience fit, but it seems like we’re moving in that direction of replacing them. We should focus on cross promotion and content IMO.


Good engagement here, actually, more so than twitter. Since the proposal was posted, 223 total engagements, averaging 26 per post. 50 shares, 30 comments, and a bit of DMing questions. Our followers have also increased by 31 in that time frame. However, I’m not convinced we get many privacy-focused users from FB, but more of the price-jump focused people, based on the questions and comments we get.


Lurkers, I’m assuming. Very low engagement (near 0), limited to the occasional question on a post. Good to have, but this site makes Reddit reduntant.


Very little following (102 total) with a 5.09% engagement rate. 6 new followers in the last two weeks, 25 since I started posting. It’s barebones organic, essentially. An outreach strategy could improve this, but on LinkedIn that means grooming and relationship building that would be a full-time job in itself. Alternatively, something we could all contribute to, splitting it up.


Engagement is harder to measure in numbers, but of course the posts from the announcements channel get most engagement in the Incognito world group. We’ve got a great bunch of community members active there, sharing thoughts and guiding newcomers to the site.


I figure what’s most relevant is what type of posts I make get the most engagement, so I’ll list out the top performers:

Internet privacy guy reviews Incognito did somewhat well, but it’s had a long time to. 122 views and 5 replies doesn’t say much, but the fact that his viewers have spoken up is great.

The special badges initiative by @ning does really well, so we’ll see if that continues as I start posting.

Incognito upgrades privacy DEX as liquidity breaks $2.5M has had 7 replies rather quickly.

pNode Tree Latest Design was my best post, largely due to the popularity of the Node Tree itself. I will try replicating this way of choosing content topics.

You’re invited: PRV Holders Monthly Call had 224 reads and 14 responses, as well as 32 poll responses. Participation-based content does well.

Best VPS for Node Virtual? had 21 replies and 201 reads, so this is another concept that works.

I could go on, but it seems clear that the best content to focus on is at least one of three things:

  • participation-based (rewards, zoom)
  • helpful at answering a popular question (vps)
  • reveals little-known info about a much-desired topic (Node Tree)

So maybe I should focus on updates/big news, answering repeatedly-asked questions, organized tutorials, articles/videos that explain unclear options/processes.

Let me know what you think, and if there’s other, more specific data I should gather.


Hey @aaron, I have been trying to catch up with this proposal. Did the brand standards ever get legs? I was thinking about proposing a media kit. I feel like our message is scattered, and I wanted to start designing some new elements. New logo design, brand standards (colors, fonts, etc), and a graphics package. Also, I was going to create a general explainer video about the incognito project, and what the benefits are. Also included would be instagram, twitter, etc templates that community members could use to add their own message while still staying on brand.

Let me tag @andrey for you, he will be able to tell you how to proceed, whom to talk to.

Thanks @Jamie. Much appreciated!

Hey, @Thriftinkid
I think the explanations and illustrations of what is the Incogntio network and how different parts of the network works might be quite a good direction.

Additionally to this. What do you think about the idea to support some of the builders )

There is quite a lot fo development is going on, wallets, DEX, the platform for builders. https://we.incognito.org/c/core-dev/building

You could join them and support with marketing materials as well.

And regarding collaboration with core team ideas, check DM.

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