[Shipped] Community rewards for contributing to the privacy conversation

The questions will have a connection with the project.
The people who come in to answer them have not.
This easily turns into an airdrop, as the focus is on the rewards.

Hey @raz , I think there is a problem here. Afaik, “Incognito Rebel” program is not a bounty program. If I’m wrong and there exists a bounty, where are the rules? @andrey

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and the project has a connection with the privacy, then the questions will have connections with the privacy.

Of course and probably they have not. We are trying to promote the project and the privacy, aren’t we? They will both learn and earn. Until they need Incognito, Incognito needs them.

I don’t think it will turn to an airdrop since even suggestions of me, @ning and @Mike_Despo would be enough to prevent that turn. If you do not think so, please write your suggestions here. We cannot know whether this will succeed without trying it. If it turns to an airdrop, the team may stop it immediately.

Of course, it is. We will try to steal their focus and agenda via the questions.


Let’s just say my years of experience on other platforms/projects has shown me a fair amount of scamming, spamming, gamifying reward systems. All red flags are present here.

Why don’t you build your tipcoin system, promote it to the community, show how it is done and then motivate, support others to develop their own project using your knowledge. That would bring great value to the platform, the community and the project.

In General

Instead of creating a faucet kind of thing, why not set a real goal. For example, create a simple math app, or an Incognito version of the Snake game. Let’s get active with what is available and make that buzz. You can reward people for that, reward even more when users start to work together.


You restate your opinion in different words without any constructive input. Then, let’s agree to disagree.

Ad hominem. Not related to the topic.

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hey guys - quick update for this week and also rough plan for the next week:

DONE: Automated rewards for the first novel badges   :white_check_mark:

Rewards for the Builder, Inspired, Teacher, and Good Neighbor badges will now be sent out along with the thursday payout!

NEXT: Nominations! :medal_sports:

Who do you guys have in mind?

image image image image

Have a look at what it takes to be awarded one -> incognito.org/badges

NEXT: Set up rewards for validator badges

Thanks to @mike_wagner - we have some community-created badges designed for the validator ecosystem. Let’s give them out!

imageimage image

I’ll be assigning rewards to these next week.

ps: @doc, @jamie, @Mike_Wagner, @mike_despo - for the marathoner badge, how about > 14 days?

Hey node operators: what other interesting badges can you guys think of for the validator ecoystem?

As always, send me fun ideas. Have a good week everyone!

I like it!

Except my longest streak is 13 days, so I missed it by that much.

Speaking of the marathoner badge-- I tweaked it and the Longest Non-Earning Streak badge. Hopefully the text is now easier to read, the border more appropriately sized, the color is better matched and overall the badge will align more closely with the style of the other badges. I also changed the content of the text to match the badge title (marathon ==> marathoner).

longest_nonearning_streak_v2 no_committee_marathoner_v2

EDIT: Two more slight tweaks

Longest Non-Earning Streak – slightly slimmer circle border
No Committee Marathoner – adjusted the ribbon to allow larger text


Updated! Thanks @Mike_Wagner :raised_hands:

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 23.53.17


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That sounds good to me.


Welp, my vNode that has been waiting for 18 days, just went to “Pending”… so I think your “Longest Non Earning Streak” is safe @Jamie… for now.

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You will, however, qualify for a shiny new No Committee Marathoner badge, lol!


I was thinking this could be awarded to the 80 community members who validated Epoch 1000. Sort of a special recognition for something 100% outside of anyone’s individual control, lol.

I suppose it could be awarded to anyone simply running a node during Epoch 1000 but the idea was to recognize the 80 community slots on Epoch 1000.


Where does the 80 come from?
8 shards, 4 spots available for the community validators, makes … 32?


80? I don’t see the number 80. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maths fixed.

Combination of late night last night and early morning this morning, but you had me doubting my math & memory, lol.

7. The fixed committee set up: 10 substitutable community slots, 22 fixed team slots

There are 10 community slots per shard, not 4. So 10 slots per shard, times 8 shards equals 80.

Yes, 4 slots are substituted out per epoch. But there will still be a total of 10 community slots per shard. Just because a validator was working the epoch (or two) before 1000 wouldn’t diminish their contribution to epoch 1000.

It’s not only about the 32 validators that came into committee on epoch 1000. It’s all 80 community validators on epoch 1000.


I hope there’s a badge for the founder nodes or like the veterans :thinking:


I know that :woman_facepalming: my bad

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hey everyone, started a new topic for nominations!

here are the badges to be awarded:

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 5.23.55 PMScreen Shot 2020-04-14 at 5.24.00 PM
Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 7.50.15 PM Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 7.50.20 PM

@mike_despo, @mike_wagner, @raz - moved your votes there :slight_smile:

@everyone, please head on over to nominate your fellow community members!