[Shipped] Community rewards for contributing to the privacy conversation

What privacy problem are you solving?

Everyone says privacy belongs to the people, but the ‘privacy experience’ is passive across most projects today. Users have no power to shape the solutions designed for them, are rarely rewarded for their input, and seldom have ownership of the outcome.

What is the solution?

This initiative will incentivize and reward community engagement, involvement, and contribution. It is commonly accepted practice to reward validators for powering the network. We believe this should be applied to all aspects of network growth – in this case, community.

MVP: earn badges for actions, earn rewards

Quick mockup examples:


Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

‘Community reward’ mechanisms do exist, most infamously as airdrops. Users perform mundane tasks that increase hype, but these programs are not designed to encourage meaningful contributions (we learned this the hard way). A better parallel is tokenized social media; people are incentivized to create valuable content and be good neighbors, but as there is rarely a shared purpose, collaboration is minimal.

Who are you?

Hi, we are @tuyen and @ning. We’ll be handling the design and implementation of this initiative. We’ve worked a variety of roles in a variety of projects that run the gamut from DeFi to music videos of charismatic cats. We are insufferably cautious about how information is used and abused, so we’re lucky to have made it our day job to illustrate how important privacy is and help create solutions for the similarly cautious.

Why do you care?

For the same reason you do – I don’t want to sit around and wait for someone else to decide if I get to have privacy or not.

What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

The plan is simple: introduce community rewards. This relates to the website (the home of the privacy conversation). Interaction and engagement are rewarded. Users will earn PRV for contributing helpful topics, meaningful replies, great ideas, and thoughtful criticism.

Objective Kickstart a self-sustaining initiative
Key Result Launch MVP program :white_check_mark:
Key Result Support the creation of 10 novel badges :white_check_mark:
Key Result Automate reward distribution for badges :white_check_mark:
Key Result Set up system for community to nominate recipients :white_check_mark:

What’s your budget?

Resource Cost Quantity Cost
Rewards 10,000 PRV 1 month 10,000 PRV
Implementation 1000 PRV 2 months 2000 PRV
TOTAL 12,000 PRV

Any unused funds will be rolled over to the following month.

Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

We have been trialing this over the past week with the Wanted category, and have seen good results and some awesome ideas. More abstractly, the quality of the conversation since testnet has always been something we’re proud of, so it makes sense to reward the people that keep it going.

Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

Can’t design a community program without community input, so… please let me know your thoughts!


Sounds fun, but I have a few questions:

  1. How do you prevent spam? :thinking:
  2. How is this any different from airdrop? You still do “mundane” tasks and receive rewards… If the difference is in the kind of task, then just create airdrops with better tasks!

(btw, to demonstrate point #1, I used a superfluous emoji to gain a badge; in the same manner, you could just spam 100 likes/accounts/etc to game the system)

Also, badges in another color would be great. In darkmode, the badges are practically invisible


great questions.

this is quite different from typical airdrops in that it rewards quality engagement (measured by appreciation), not mere presence. some basic badges are simply there to encourage users to ‘learn’ how to use the site. to properly format posts, to tag other users, and so on. not all badges you see will come with rewards - and these rewards will vary considerably depending on what the actions are.

so for using an emoji… not so much. for having a great idea that gets implemented… yes! for creating a helpful tutorial that is top post of the week… yes!

re the spam issue - we’ll address these through the use of trust levels. example: an account with more activity and more engagement will be able to do more than a new account with less. we’ll also implement limitations that discourage ‘spam-like’ actions - such as making multiple consecutive short posts. and of course… users can always help out by flagging to remove spam and spammers :wink:

the goal here is to simply kickstart a community that is self-governing and self-incentivizing.

i’ll be putting together a comprehensive list of actions and rewards this week, would be great to have your input.

oh and re darkmode - gotcha. thanks!


Hello! The idea is great! I suggest introducing the following rewards:
Invited a 10 userу
Visited 100 consecutive days
:heart:Gives Back
Has 100 liked posts and gave 100 likes
:heart:Good Share
Shared a post with 300
Visited 365 consecutive days
Has 500 liked posts and gave 1000 likes
:heart:Great Share
Shared a post with 1000 unique visitors
:heart:Nice Reply
Received 10 likes on a reply
:heart:Nice Topic
Received 10 likes on a topic
:heart:Good Reply
Received 25 likes on a reply
:heart:Good Topic
Received 25 likes on a topic
:heart:Hot Link
Posted an external link with 300 clicks
:heart:50 likes on a topic @solnce


Cool @solnce! Those you listed are definitely some of the better ones. The mvp version will do the best with what we have out of the box, and slowly introduce custom ones that are a bit more spam-resistant. Glad you like the idea!


This is a brilliant idea to grow the PRV Incognito for all crypto individuals👍


:+1: thank you


Feb update:

The first badges have been designed and are available to view at: incognito.org/badges

@0x123 thank you for your feedback about dark mode! the new icons should show up better now :raised_hands:

@solnce i’ve added a few of your suggestions - thank you! more posting related badges will be released in the next iteration once we have set up more robust spam-guards :slight_smile:

Next steps: assign rewards to badges and automate reward distribution.

We are on track to launch next week. In the meantime, please connect your Incognito wallet address to your incognito.org profile so you receive PRV when the program goes live!

How to add your incognito wallet address to your profile

Click on your avatar, then click on the gear icon. Select profile, and fill in the Incognito address field.


Replace ‘yourusername’ with your username on the site: https://incognito.org/u/yourusername/preferences/profile


Where do you find these tasks and how do you get the rewards?


As a feedback, “Licensed” badge is not clear. At least, I didn’t understand :slight_smile: Where should we read?


Click on the badge to read a description of the badge and the users who’ve earned it. This works when clicking the text name, the check mark (if you’ve earned a given badge), the badge icon or the member count.



This badge is granted upon successful completion of the interactive advanced user tutorial. You’ve mastered the advanced tools of discussion — and now you’re fully licensed!

This particular badge may only be available to the Incognito team, mods, admins, etc?


I already meant that description :slight_smile:


hey @Mike_Wagner hey @abduraman - just find @discobot in your inbox and reply to it:

@discobot start advanced tutorial


incognito.org/badges - you can read instructions here. i’m still editing them though, and i’ll be adding reward amounts over this week. distribution should start sometime next week.


I think it’s a really smart idea. People like to be incentivized. People like games. I think it will help grow things a lot faster.


discobot says " Did you know you can add a poll to any post? Try using the gear in the editor to build a poll ." but I cannot see any gear button other than Preferences button in the profile :slight_smile: How can I add a poll? @ning

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you need to click the gear icon when you are typing a post or response:



I know that gear icon but it did not appear in the editor this morning. Interesting :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks.

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:open_mouth: :open_mouth: I will be making some of these.

@ning I used 50 likes yesterday and did not get my “Out of Love” badge. Very sad. I curated my 50 Likes very well haha.
It said I’ve reached my Likes limit and can give no more, but I did not get the badge. Is that an error on my end or the website’s end?

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