[Shipped] Build a helpful community


I’m Ducky from the Incognito core-team! :duck:

I’m back with a proposal for building a strong community! So, what does my proposal look like? Take a quick glance here. :point_down:


While supporting users, here are our goals:

  • Improve user experience: people feel happy and satisfied with the Incognito fam. :house_with_garden:

  • Increase retention and engagement rate: people, together with the core-team, actively contribute to build a thriving community by sharing more ideas and helpful topics, supporting each other, and welcoming newbies.

    Once people join the Incognito community, they will stay here 4ever! :slight_smile:


1 month (December)

Key results

  • Stickiness: >31%


@Peter, @chucky, me @Ducky, and you - the whole Incognito community! :slight_smile:


To make this goal happens, in December, our Community team will try out the following initiatives:

:black_circle: 1st priority: continue on this CX proposal from the past month, in December we keep supporting and engaging with users during the highlight of the month, Privacy Quest, as well as other common conversations.

Channels: Forum, Telegram, Twitter.

:black_circle: Organize December Builder Rewards. More info >
:black_circle: Organize a new community nomination: The best member of the year!!!
:black_circle: Experiment with SEO friendly posts each week.
:black_circle: New content of the month:

:black_circle: Start experimenting with rotating working shifts among core-team members to make sure there is support on weekends, while allowing team members to get rest.

We definitely can not make it alone! We need your help, community members!

:point_right: If you see a newbie joining our forum, say hello!
:point_right: If you see someone questioning about Incognito projects and you know the information, feel free to answer them!
:point_right: If you see someone asking for help and you know that it should be done by the core-team, please instruct them to DM @Support
:point_right: And, if you have any privacy-related news that interests you, don’t hesitate to share it with the whole community!

As with all rapidly growing industries, there’s a lot of development in this space, so it’s important to help each other to catch up with things. Let’s make this community-driven a space for quality content and discussion.

Thank you! Hope December will be nice to you! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:
-Community team


Hello fam! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

How are you all doing?

This’s the last update for the Community proposal in 2020! So, what’s been done in December?

Key results:

  • Stickiness: >31%
  • Result: 30% :blush:


Builder Rewards

It’s live here: https://we.incognito.org/t/december-builder-rewards-vote-for-your-favorite-builders/8731

We hope you all will take time to try all the products built by our community builders, and if you’re at TL3, do cast your precious votes for the best project.

Btw, December will be the last month of the 7-month builder rewards experiment with open voting. In January 2021, we’ll publish a summary of the results and our thoughts on the builder rewards program, as well as the new criteria for funding.

Community nomination

Thanks everyone for submitting your nomination here: [Finished] 2020 nomination: Reward the heroes of the year!

Congratulations to the heroes of the year: @raz @Mike_Wagner @Leonardo_Arguello @J053 @doc @Tempestblack !!! You guys made it! :muscle: :rocket:

Helpful contents

  • As promised, @chucky made a video for newbies to get on-boarding with the community more easily. If you guys know anyone who is new to our community, and need a helpful material to learn about how to use the forum, direct them to this vid:

Thanks @aaron for making this tutorial! :smiley:

Have your say

Hey guys, how do you like our support team? Do you feel warm and happy while contacting us for help? We would love to hear your real thoughts, so we can together make the work better!

If you feel shy to share publicly, you’re always welcome to send us @Support a DM. We’re happy to talk! :slight_smile: :black_heart:

Almost new year…Thank you all so much for being with us throughout 2020, keeping engaged and helping each other. We all look forward to a wonderful year ahead together!

Happy New Year! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Yo…yo…yo…Happy frackin Near Year to all…it be Tempest hollering at you all from my bed in recovery room at Hospital…procedure was done yesterday and seemed to have gone ok…in some pain but to be expected…just glad to be on the mend…and yea got me Covid disbursement a lil while ago and it be in Provide already…anyway hope all of you have come thru ok and had a good time ringing in the new year…:sunglasses:



I joined with the quest launch and it amazed me how much attention was given from the team to new members of the community in the forum and in the Telegram group chat that really takes dedication and a lot of patience mad respect for them :scream:.

I admire the really hard work they have been doing and have done from what I’ve seen through past posts in the forum keep it up! :bouquet:


I hope you’ll recover soon, Tempest! :muscle:

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Thanks for your kind words! Let’s try to build the community up 2gether! :wink: