[Shipped] Bring liquidity to Provide for LTC, DASH, ZEC & XMR

Hey everyone, it’s nickvasilich with his first proposal for 2021 (limited by probation term).

I’ve been following the DeFi growth since it hyped in fall 2020 and realised many similar features that Incognito’s building these days. So, I decided to get on a scene with a narrative of Privacy for non-ETH DeFi. The main focus is on the Provide feature has on its purpose growth for liquidity numbers.

Increase TVL (Total Value Locked) for LTC, DASH, ZEC, and XMR to $4,000,000 million.

Sidenote: we’re about 0 in TVL for LTC, DASH, and ZEC and ~$394,985 for XMR, up to 2021.02.02.

I’ll post weekly updates here with reports from inscan.io.

TYI: You can already provide liquidity for LTC, DASH, DOGE, and ZEC directly in the app.


How are we doing with ZEC pool?

I provided a small quantity of ZEC and I see no available pool @Support

They wait for a minimum liquidity to keep careless traders from the unexpected high loss. Afaik, it was $10k.

At this duration, you still earn interest if this is your concern.

Do you know of a public-facing measurement of our progress to $10k unlock?

Unfortunately, not.

A week later and ZEC trading was enabled with no acknowledgement from team. Some transparency please! Is there really a $10k minimum?

Hey, @key 10k is a conditional metric for provide to push liquidity forward. If you would like to provide liquidity via ADD, there are no limitations.

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Hey @key,

I can add to Andrey’s response that you might be interested in finding more about Add v.2 that is not limited by numbers at all.

Incognito Liquidity options:

  • 1-sided liquidity provision option, aka Provide;
  • 2-sided liquidity provision option, aka Add (NA atm);

I’d like to share some stats on Incognito’s Provide TVL for ZEC, LTC, DASH, and XMR as at Feb 22, 2021

Pool Provide Total Balance as at 02/21 Provide Total Balance as at 22/21 Discrepancy of liquidity worth of $ Notes
pXMR 325/5,968.8797 414/10,633.8869 +$1,096,276.69 Calculations done at XMR price of $235.00
pZEC 0 16/205.4424 +$31,638.00 Calculations done at ZEC price of $154.00
pLTC 0 57/1,188.3570 +$255,496.75 Calculations done at LTC price of $215.00
pDASH 0 22/121.2312 +$33,217.34 Calculations done at DASH price of $274.00
Total NA NA +$1,416,631.78
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Why don’t we provide BNB and BUSD (BEP2) holders with PRV interest? Incognito supports them since the day 1. BNB is 3th biggest coin in the market. BUSD is a cheap way of the stablecoin entry/exit.


Hey @abduraman,
I think we’ll consider those coins to.


The Final check for the Liquidity provision of Feb 2021:

Pool: Total Current balance (Total/Volume)
479/2,230.5047 pETH - 663/182.4449 pBTC - 227/1,094,112.5657 pUSDT - 190/79,851.1616 pUSDC - 249/1,942,493.8159 pDAI - 435/10,458.4260 pXMR - 23/119.4513 pDASH - 67/1,217.5642 pLTC - 20/213.4631 pZEC

Working on bringing Liquidity to Provide for a month since Jan 2021, I would say that the selected metric is more likely a vanity metric than an actionable one.
In total, liquidity has grown up to about $1,5 million.
Proportionally, the largest part of liquidity spike (~70%) has occurred in XMR (shut down of XMR.to had released unexploited Monero coins to market). This is a good sign showing that truth in between Monero holders and Incognito Tech has been taken to a new level. For other coins listed on Provide we still need to build trusted relationships for a long term perspective.

we’re growing and this makes me shine :smile:

Pool: Total Current balance (Total/Volume)
484/2,185.0402 pETH - 670/186.6086 pBTC - 229/913,893.5268 pUSDT - 192/58,793.9804 pUSDC - 252/1,950,907.8442 pDAI - 445/10,505.0083 pXMR - 27/203.1739 pDASH - 69/1,517.0033 pLTC - 21/279.0631 pZEC

Since I do not like working for money :joy:, I always follow passive income opportunities. Now, I’m a BSC delegator for more than one week. Even with this low number of BSC transactions, BSC delegators earn ~%25 APR (not APY) in BNB. If Incognito provides BNB holders with rewards, I think it should start with at least %40 APY offer :slight_smile:


Pool: Total Current balance (Total/Volume) as at 03/15

476/11,007.2556 pXMR - 32/261.7540 pDASH - 84/2,444.5327 pLTC - 27/341.3944 pZEC