[Shipped] App v.4

With the new app, when I pull rewards from my vNode, it no longer pulled the crypto dust … is that a change, or is that a bug?

I believe the dust has to be above a certain threshold. 0.0025 pToken I believe.

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Is that new? I know for pNodes there were limits for dust to get withdrawn… but I have never seen any sort of limit needed for vNode withdrawals…

It’s always been the case for all Nodes, virtual or physical. That said, I’ve had dust withdrawn that was below that threshold. So the application has been pretty inconsistent.

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Thats interesting… this is the first time since February that I have not seen all of the dust removed on a vNode reward withdrawal. Because of that, I always assumed that limit was only for pNodes and because they had to manually do the withdrawals.

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Apparently the topic has been unlisted for some reason.

Only PRV, No Other Coins?

PRV is withdrawn with every withdrawal action, the other coins are only withdrawn when their total reaches 25 nano pToken value. This is due to the fee that is involved with the withdrawal transaction.


The stated reason is “due to the fee that is involved with the withdrawal transaction.” I don’t understand why that would apply only to pNodes. But if you’ve been receiving dust on your previous withdrawals, I guess the fees for vNodes were being subsidized or something?

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They must have been, running 4vNodes (2 since Feb) and have never had the dust stay in the node account until today

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hm. there’s always been a limit for dust… let me look into it and see what the reason could be for any inconsistencies.

@doc, for reference, can you tell me which currencies your dust is in, and the amounts?


Here you go:
0.000002 USDT, 0.000002 USDC,

i think this is a fun idea, but may conflict with the node ux logic atm (where you tap to cycle through the different currencies you earn). either way, it’s def a nice to have, so will keep it in mind.

hm yes. i can definitely see why this would be useful, but the problem with provide, is that it’s very important that people understand that they earn in PRV (no matter which currency they provide). will think about it more.

ya i would personally love that tbh. given the sheer number of screens and current resources however, we estimate it will take about a month if we divert attention to it. this is not to say it will never happen, but there’s still a lot to be done in terms of performance, bug fixing, and core functionality. i hope we will have some time to breathe soon, so we can think about how to make the app more delightful…

i’m thankful for your ideas too! :fallen_leaf:

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for point #1 I think I may have not made myself clear what I’m talking about

So if the user taps the total asset number here it changes from prv to usd. Basically you wouldn’t need to go into settings to change what mode your in.

I have not used the node features yet so I may be missing something.

The post was unlisted because the main topic was about pNode earning withdrawals being processed manually, which is no longer the case.

The dust coins staying on the pNode has been decided on long ago, due to fees. The vNodes however always withdrew all coin amounts, no matter how small.


Thank you Jamie for the clarification… :sunglasses:

just a quick update - while we will continue working towards the Ledger integration, we will be deprioritizing the launch of our own cold card to focus instead on the commonly requested payment gateway.

the cold card was a bit of an in-between solution and we decided that ultimately, it’s a bit gimmicky. right now, given current core resources and user demand, it doesn’t really make sense.

we will begin development of Incognito pay this month, and will probably finish development late Jan/early Feb. i’ll update you guys soon with a more detailed timeline.


thanks for reporting this! it’ll be fixed in the release tomorrow :slight_smile:

to confirm what @mike_wagner and @Jamie wrote too - vnodes and self-staked pnodes should be able to withdraw all dust at all times. staked pnodes using rented stake will only be able to do so once dust hits a certain minimum.


What is an Incognito “payment gateway”? Something with a permanent address?

Hey, sorry for the delayed response, I must have missed this.

Simply put, it’s a system that will allow merchants to accept PRV and other Incognito privacy coins (in-network BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. – a.k.a pTokens). Shoppers will be able to make purchases directly on the merchant’s site, using the Incognito app or web extension to sign transactions.

Basic ingredients: web dashboard for online shops, compatibility with the mobile app, compatibility with the web extension (coming soon), web admin management and troubleshooting, etc. Something compact and useful.


hello wonderful devs, documentation as we all know is a forever process, but we’ll also be releasing a simple faucet page this week for you to get testnet PRV to play with.

update: here it is! https://faucet-testnet.incognito.org/


happy new year!

we’ll be pushing an update for pDEX within the next day or so. it’s quite a big one:

  1. ability to customize slippage tolerance (default is 1%). this setting is for more advanced users, but the app will also provide warnings if your trade is likely to fail at the ranges selected.

  2. ability to pay priority fees (for quicker trade execution). see related note from my post above:

  1. you will see the exact amount you received in the trade tx detail screen. the final number will update once the trade is successful.

  2. you will be able to enter numbers in either the top or bottom fields. how much you want to sell (top) or how much you want to buy (bottom).

  3. we also fixed a few bugs with amounts displaying incorrectly.

coming next:

more fixes, and HD wallet :pray: