[Shipped] App v.4

This looks very exciting, can’t wait to see the web extension and documentation in action myself!

For the cold card, is it going to be an NFC tag to be scanned with one’s phone, a card for engraving one’s key/seed, or something else? If it’s the former, I’d suggest the team to shift the efforts onto accelerating the integrations with proper cold storage solutions with isolated transaction signing instead (e.g. Ledger, Trezor).

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the general plan is for basic offline storage first (NFC) while we work in parallel on privacy v.2 (needed to complete Ledger integration). this accomplishes 2 things - it’s a test to see if there’s a sizeable demand for it (so we can confirm it’s a direction we want to prioritize for the future), and it’s an option for those who want/need it earlier.

def agree that Ledger or similar is probably the sensible way to go at this stage of Incognito’s growth. you can follow progress of the dependencies here:

we’ll start working on the integration once privacy v.2 is on the testnet. later if that’s successful, we’ll look into our own privacy-first hardware wallet.


As I suggested before, it will be very helpful for the provider if the reward can be withdrawn and staked automatically by itself, hopefully for the next big update

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Hey, rewards from Provide are already compounded automatically. You don’t need to withdraw to provide again.


1. HD wallet is coming soon! delayed till December, unfortunately - because of some issues we are having with the BIP39/44 standard. we’ll publish a topic soon with more details.

in the meantime, back up your private keys please. given recent developments, these will continue to be the only way to restore existing keychains. nothing surprising is expected to happen with the new release, but i’m gonna keep reminding you guys until the day i expire. it’s just a generally sensible thing to do. more info on HD wallet here.

the good news is that new downloads will have to back up their seed phrase first before continuing.

2. Builders, we’re putting together documentation now. If you have any special requests or feedback, please contact @Ducky and she’ll make sure everything’s up to scratch.

3. the first of pDEX improvements are coming next week - thanks to everyone who gave feedback. this release will come with a:

  • fee display before the order preview screen, so you can check trade info even if you have insufficient balance.

  • size impact percentage – the variance in price given the size of your trade. we hope this will be helpful in making decisions, especially for lower liquidity pools.

in subsequent releases (end nov-early dec), we’ll also be adding:

  • the functionality to input amounts in the bottom field (so you can buy exact amounts easily)

  • the option to adjust slippage and increase fees for priority execution. in conjunction with use of the pDEX keychain, this will allow advanced users more control over trade times and outcomes. i’ll probably write a post detailing this soon.

4. oh ya, and we’re also releasing a cute little game called QUEST. more details coming soon!

speak later, and in the meantime…

back :clap: up :clap: your :clap: private :clap: keys.


Hope everyone is enjoying Quest! :male_detective:

Meanwhile, the first of pDEX improvements are live.

1) You’ll see exact traded amounts in trade details – amounts will update once the trade is complete. As the price shown in the app is the maximum price you are willing to accept for the trade (taking into account 1% slippage tolerance), this means that you may receive more than is originally quoted. You’ll also see the received amount in your coin detail screen of course.

2) Price impacts are here! For every trade, you’ll now be able to see both positive and negative price impacts – the difference between your pDEX trade price and market price. If pDEX is currently displaying better or worse prices than external market averages, you’ll see that here. Bigger trades will result in larger price impacts.

Do note that the percentage shown here takes into account the default 1% slippage tolerance, which means the price impact may shift in your favor once the trade has finished executing.

3) Network fees will now display before the confirm screen, so you can estimate how much your trade will cost even if you don’t have the balance required to complete the trade. This is useful especially for pUniswap and pKyber trades, which incur cross-chain fees.

Coming next:

Options to customize your slippage tolerance and pay priority fees.

What else you can do to trade more effectively:

As some of you may know, it used to only be possible to trade from the pDEX keychain, resulting in many new users getting lost along the way. We improved the UX here to allow users to trade from any keychain, by rewriting the backend to automatically navigate between them. This is simpler on the surface, but slower – sometimes 2 blocks.

So, for advanced users: the incoming priority fee option will push trade requests up, but to get the maximum benefit out of this, another important thing you can do in conjunction is trade directly from your pDEX keychain.

We are working on one-time addresses which will replace this convoluted process, but in the meantime, using your pDEX keychain in combination with priority fees and customized slippage should yield faster trade results overall.

Note that using your pDEX keychain directly will increase speed of execution, but may decrease privacy especially if you also use it as your main keychain. sender, amount, and asset types are currently viewable until privacy v.2 goes live.


Busy week – here are more incoming improvements.

1) Node lists now load more quickly, and the tab overall is more responsive. If you own multiple nodes, you should feel a difference.

2) USD balance display is now live for your Assets! It’s enabled by default, so use the toggle in Settings to switch to PRV if you prefer it.

This release should go live in your app within today.

Have a good one!


Great for the UX! Thanks!

1) Node lists now load more quickly , and the tab overall is more responsive. If you own multiple nodes, you should feel a difference.
2) USD balance display is now live for your Assets! It’s enabled by default, so use the toggle in Settings to switch to PRV if you prefer it.

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Fantastic and welcome improvements, BRAVO!

Ux thoughts

  1. Total Toggle Tap. it would be easy to have prv and usd cycle when you tap the number, that way you wouldn’t even need a toggle in the settings. If we have a btc standard later we can just add that to the cycle list.

  2. USD Toggle provide What do you think about having the total interest in provide also attached to this?

  3. Unrelated, but could we please please get an inverted mode for this app? Its cool that it currently doubles as a nightlight but I do a lot of phone fondling at bedtime and a nightmode would be most welcome. It really needs almost nothing besides and appwide global color inversion.

So Thankful for your work on this :turkey:


With the new app, when I pull rewards from my vNode, it no longer pulled the crypto dust … is that a change, or is that a bug?

I believe the dust has to be above a certain threshold. 0.0025 pToken I believe.

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Is that new? I know for pNodes there were limits for dust to get withdrawn… but I have never seen any sort of limit needed for vNode withdrawals…

It’s always been the case for all Nodes, virtual or physical. That said, I’ve had dust withdrawn that was below that threshold. So the application has been pretty inconsistent.

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Thats interesting… this is the first time since February that I have not seen all of the dust removed on a vNode reward withdrawal. Because of that, I always assumed that limit was only for pNodes and because they had to manually do the withdrawals.

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Apparently the topic has been unlisted for some reason.

Only PRV, No Other Coins?

PRV is withdrawn with every withdrawal action, the other coins are only withdrawn when their total reaches 25 nano pToken value. This is due to the fee that is involved with the withdrawal transaction.


The stated reason is “due to the fee that is involved with the withdrawal transaction.” I don’t understand why that would apply only to pNodes. But if you’ve been receiving dust on your previous withdrawals, I guess the fees for vNodes were being subsidized or something?

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They must have been, running 4vNodes (2 since Feb) and have never had the dust stay in the node account until today

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hm. there’s always been a limit for dust… let me look into it and see what the reason could be for any inconsistencies.

@doc, for reference, can you tell me which currencies your dust is in, and the amounts?


Here you go:
0.000002 USDT, 0.000002 USDC,

i think this is a fun idea, but may conflict with the node ux logic atm (where you tap to cycle through the different currencies you earn). either way, it’s def a nice to have, so will keep it in mind.

hm yes. i can definitely see why this would be useful, but the problem with provide, is that it’s very important that people understand that they earn in PRV (no matter which currency they provide). will think about it more.

ya i would personally love that tbh. given the sheer number of screens and current resources however, we estimate it will take about a month if we divert attention to it. this is not to say it will never happen, but there’s still a lot to be done in terms of performance, bug fixing, and core functionality. i hope we will have some time to breathe soon, so we can think about how to make the app more delightful…

i’m thankful for your ideas too! :fallen_leaf:

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