[Shipped] App v.3

Objective: A better better app

Length: 3 months (August, September, October).

This is a continuation of App v.2.


Key results:

Bulletin board (Aug 1) :white_check_mark:
Project notifications, what’s new, what’s next

pUniswap (end Aug) :white_check_mark:

Cross pool trading (mid Sept) :white_check_mark:

Fee structure for unshield (mid Sept) :white_check_mark:

New Node experience (mid Sept) :white_check_mark:
More informative UI, change wifi functionality, firmware upgrade
Note: testing extended for automatic pNode withdrawals, ETA end october.

UTXO fix (end Sept) :white_check_mark:
A tool to consolidate UTXOs for each keychain

Show receive transaction history (October) :white_check_mark:

Future and ongoing work:

HD wallet (October, November)
Seed phrase back up and more security, needed for future cold storage options

Performance (ongoing)


The product team will be creating regular polls to acquire user feedback as we try to build a better version of the very first multi-currency, multi-activity, privacy-first crypto app. Please do vote on these, and please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas at any time.

Target: 80% community rating

This correlates with initiative 6 in the roadmap.

All development is open-source: github.com/incognitochain/incognito-wallet


Might want to add a fix for special characters used in Wi-Fi passwords.

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@ning, I have also noticed that the more tokens followed in a wallet, the longer it takes the UI to load and you can’t do anything till all are loaded. I would like to there to be minimal wait on performing a task like viewing one currency, like PRV, clicking it, and choosing to send, even before other currency balances are queried and displayed. Is that doable?

Also, in setting up a Node, there doesn’t seem to be a way to name the wallet, so it ends up being double edged sword. I can easily go to the Node and see what the code is and write it down, but it would be nice to be able to name it something useful in a different way, like Kitchen, Basement, neighbor’s chimney, (actually, I was going for pTarantula, personally, and will eventually have an iguana and platypus to join my Incognito zoo, but to each her own). And unlike wallets associated with Node Virtuals, it doesn’t seem that swiping left on iOS app in keychain tab will let a person remove a wallet created during a physical node setup either. Haven’t tried the tapping 7 or however times on it to see if that works…

Also, a quick but important unrelated plea. If the team changes the app or the pool in a way that goes back to a single bucket, please let the community know ahead of time, as I already count on the new separated feature to use as account management that have implications on tax, business, etc. associated with a given wallet. I do think it would be nice to specify a default withdrawal wallet or something, but for now, I have just been sending all earnings from wallets that don’t need to be segregated into pStake and then contributing liquidity from there.

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hey! thanks for the feedback. well noted on the keychain names + load times - we’ll have a look to see what’s possible. (iguana and platypus are excellent names).

about pool - i’m super happy you are using the separated feature! i’m not sure if you are following the app improvements thread, but i think even if a consolidation feature gets added, it won’t affect the current keychain logic (use provide with any keychain). either way, will definitely let u guys know ahead of time.


thanks everyone for voting in the app improvements thread -

the people have spoken! we’ll be merging Unshield into the Send function. you’ll just need to enter the receiving address – whether it be internal or external – and off you go.

here’s a mockup of what happens when you enter an Incognito address, and when you enter an external address:

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 5.29.05 PM

black for incognito, orange for hey look at me!

we expect this to go live towards the end of this month. in the meantime, if you have any suggestions on how to make the app more user-friendly, let us know and we’ll put up a poll.


Hey @ning, does this mean that the liquidity providers for minor coins/tokens (BAT, TOMO, ZIL, NEO etc.) will earn interest or some income as previously? If not, do you have any solution for the pairs with those coins not included by Provide tab? Currently, adding liquidity for those coins does not have any benefit for the provider.

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if there is significant demand from either community for that trading pair, other coins could be added to the provide feature. the list will probably be dynamic, based on the needs of the pdex + community.

for earning on other coins, i think we’ll have to reintroduce trading fees, and providers will earn on that. whether it should be set by the providers, or by the traders, is still up for debate.

hope to have an update for that soon.


In comments on the youtube holders meeting Andrey recommended to share my ideas on this thread. I made a ui/ux design taking the best of what I saw already on incognito and combining the best I have seen in other wallets. I have also designed some original assets like shield and unshielded icons so the shape of the crypto icon even delineates round = coin, shield = incognito.

Btw, I love what you have been doing. I am excited that addresses will be automatically sensitive to shielding. One less thing for beginners to worry about.

Sexy New UI/UX Concept Design Idea!


thank you @JoyRaptor! i had a look over at the main topic. looks beautiful.

here are some boring wet blanket comments:

1. we initially had price changes on the app, but as we are currently pulling prices from the pDEX (which has pretty low volume on a number of pairs), these look pretty wack - so we removed it for now. in addition, the currency would need to actually be on the pDEX to record a price (it wouldn’t make sense to pull from say CMC for some, and pDEX for others).

many pairs have also been in existence for a very short period of time, and highly volatile in periods of low liquidity, so information might be quite puzzling to users that don’t understand the context of pDEX history. i hope this is something that will change, of course! i really like what you’ve done with visualizing price data.

2. about keeping a USD value - the team was pretty divided on this, but it was ultimately decided to use PRV as a reference (currency for the privacy world), which would also perhaps deflect speculation somewhat. having said all that, we are considering adding a toggle for USD!

3. this was another debated topic (still being debated) - we removed icons in the app to make it cleaner, but humans are visual creatures of course. we’re still actively discussing this, so this might change also - and in which case, i’d love to integrate your shielded icons!

4. personally, as a bit of a data nerd, i love what you’ve done with many of these screens. but in terms of building for a certain audience - it was a conscious decision to remove a lot of the old features (the app used to look quite different!) and put forward this fairly clean, minimal version - for casual users who don’t need the additional insight, and might be confused when given more options.

however, the project is still in a very early stage - and while some of the app references you mentioned have very clear target audiences, our value proposition is simply ‘privacy’ - and privacy believers come in all forms. we’re still actively experimenting, and trying to build a core product that is usable by a majority of people - some of whom will be completely new to crypto (many of whom discovered Incognito and crypto in general via the Node device).

at the same time, we have many community members building for different audiences - such as a web wallet catered more towards investors, a web dex for more sophisticated traders, etc.

thank you for taking the time to post these assets - i really enjoyed looking through them, and i think you have some really exciting concepts here. in this message, i just wanted to share some of our design rationales, and give you a bit of context as to why things are currently the way they are.

anyone who’s been here for more than a month will testify to the app evolving pretty fast - we are not attached to any one idea, and are always happy to chase the best way forward. would love to have your thoughts on that. as you’ll note in the roadmap in this topic and in other topics in the building category, we’re pretty stacked re development resources as we’ll need to implement quite a few important features in the coming months, and fix existing issues.

interface might have to take a back seat briefly, but it doesn’t mean we can’t chat about it. i would love to continue this conversation - let me know if you’d like to connect. i notice some of my team members have also directed you towards the Builder Rewards program, so that might be a possible way forward to materialize your vision. you’d have my vote!


Thank you for this reply.

It would make sense if there’s liquidity issues that you wouldn’t want to underscore that with beautiful graphics highlighting the problem. On the other hand eventually incognito should become better then all the other alternatives and won’t always have those issues so we should build with that in mind.

I could also see intentionality behind a lot of decisions when I was looking through the incognito app. A lot of things I like. I believe with how it is right now cash app has the closest ui.

I can definitely get you that shield icon as well as the whole PSD if you wanted it I tried to keep a lot of things as smart objects for scale ability.

I am actually pretty new to crypto myself I only started buying it about 3 months ago even though I’ve heard of it for years. So the learning curve is fresh in my mind.

I believe Exodus wallet has the best balance of beginner and intermediate. If you get a chance you should download it on android and play around and see the transition effects and the very subtle things they do.

I would love to connect and talk about ui and throw around ideas. Perhaps a video app with screen share and we can look at other apps and discuss what works
Let me know what platform is good

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3. this was another debated topic (still being debated) - we removed icons in the app to make it cleaner, but humans are visual creatures of course. we’re still actively discussing this, so this might change also - and in which case, i’d love to integrate your shielded icons!

Here you go. These are some of the assets I made. I couldn’t decide between the rounded edges or the sharp ones, will depend on the font in the app.

The shield should be used and a icon clipping mask. The gradient should be auto generated from the cryptos key colors, I believe this can be extracted from an average in a raster file programmatically. PRV in particular will need an inverted white one for night mode.

Each icon should have a mask, a color gradient, and a white logo to go on top.

Or if you need I can just make you a set of icons, Just give me the list or what you want. I need icons because scanning through text is harder for some people.

As for size, the bigger the more friendly, the smaller, the cleaner to a point.
Shield add Provide-Liquidity Unshield-action PRV Shield-rounded Limit Icon PRV Shield_sharp Shield-actionNew info pin


hey all - here’s a quick update.

1. we shipped pUniswap earlier this week – try it out in your app! Fees are subsidized to just 10 PRV in this soft launch phase :partying_face:

2. in addition, cross-pair has launched ahead of schedule! more details here.

3. merging unshield with send and the new fee structure is also on track to go live at the end of this month.

4. due to lack of resources, the new node experience is slightly delayed - scheduled to launch in couple of weeks. the good news is that we will also have automatic pNode withdrawals soon.

5. new add tab: we planned this refresh for October, but are still working on the incentives structure, so dates are somewhat uncertain. Provide seems to be doing well (single-sided liquidity provision), so this is less of a priority for now. will update you guys soon.

we’ve also added a few key items to our to-do list.

6. show receive tx history: this key feature aims to ship late September.

7. hardware wallet integration: we’ll be starting work on this next month, and hope to complete prep by October. working in parallel, the growth team is also in talks with Ledger.

Super excited for the next couple of months. :sweat_smile:


This is a dream coming true. Thank you so much, for your awesome work guys. :upside_down_face:


Is there a post about the new fee structure? I must have missed that announcement.

These are all extremely exciting additions. Thank you for keeping us updated!

hey @jared - thanks! we’ve got quite a hectic couple of months ahead, so i’ll try my best to make sure you guys are kept properly in the loop.

re unshielding fee - it’s been mentioned here and there, but nothing comprehensive yet. i’ll prep a more thorough post next week with what you guys can expect. this will be for the unshield feature only, shielding and sending in-network will remain the same.

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Somehow I missed this post and its comments. Don’t use the tap 7 strategy. It doesn’t work and chances are you will wipe your whole wallet.

I am sure you have saved the private keys of all your accounts, but having to import them all again would just be a pain.

hey fam,

some of you may have noticed that the more transactions you make from a specific keychain, the more likely it is that larger amounts don’t go through. this is due to the accumulation of UTXOs, which is obviously not ideal.

so just wanted to add that this month, we will now be prioritizing the UTXO issue that plagues more heavily used keychains. this should make transactions more efficient.

after this is done, we will turn our attention to receive tx history, and seed phrase functionality, two other essential features. the first is a no-brainer, the second is necessary for hardware wallet integrations and so on.

what’s coming in the next release:

merging unshield + send: this will come with the obvious interface change, but will also introduce a cross-chain unshielding fee. the first version of this mechanism will be released later next week/early the following week. the team will continue to seek increasingly improved solutions on the backend.

more details here: What to expect with new unshielding fees


Hey everyone! The upcoming release (3.9.3) is a fairly ambitious one with a bunch of new features and improvements. You’ll be able to get it now in your app, and it will be available for use right after the smart contract upgrade is complete.

1. Unshield + send merge, and new external network fees

Use Send to… send. Whether that’s out-network or in-network. Fees will adjust accordingly, based on what the external network is charging. You’ll have the choice to pay in PRV or in some cases, the sending currency. In-network fees remain as per usual – near zero. More info >

2. Also for Send, a balance display.

The Send screen will now display your coin balance according to the decimal preferences chosen in Settings. Find it at the top right of ‘Amount’. Thanks @Mike_Despo and @Multibit!

3. Option to hide unverified coins

This option will appear in ‘Add a coin’ and ‘Shield a coin’ lists. Toggled on by default, you just need to check the box to show all. It’s a little trickier to do for Trade – we’re working on it and will update you guys soon. Thanks @doc for the suggestion!

4. Smart contract support for ETH/ERC20 unshielding requests

Title says it all: you can now withdraw/unshield to Ethereum smart contract addresses.

5. Better address book

Now organized a little better – into 1) Your keychains 2) Your incognito addresses, 3) Your external addresses. You can now directly delete/edit entries for 2 and 3 here. To remove a keychain address from the list, you’ll need to remove the keychain from your app.

6. New Provide rates

Rates for liquidity providers will also change in this release, adapted to reflect changing pDEX needs. More details here >

General PSA:

As there have been loads of bulletin entries as of late, just wanted to make sure you guys were aware that you can easily delete them from your board by swiping left. The same logic applies for removing assets from your list.

What’s next:

Next week, we hope to have the new Node screens that include simplified statuses, as well as the UTXO merge feature which will help users who have issues sending larger amounts.

We also hope to have more informative status msgs in tx detail screens, where users will be given instructions on how to contact support, if needed. As part of a general effort to make the app more… human, we’ll also be updating error msgs in a later update – there are quite a few to get through!



Extremely excited to share that the new Node experience will finally be going live this coming monday wednesday, with release 3.9.4. If you’re on 3.9.x, you’ll be prompted in the app - if not, please go to your respective app stores to get the latest main release, or download the most recent APK.

What’s new for Nodes: simplified status messages, detailed explanations, option to remove nodes from display, modify device wifi preferences, total rewards view, a firmware upgrade for node devices, and a bunch more.

Apart from new features, this release should fix some annoying issues, such as the excessively eager [fix-it] button for Node Devices that do not need fixing.

Let us know if there’s anything amiss. We really hope you enjoy the new Power tab!

What’s next for Nodes: push notifications when your Node earns! Everyone should be getting this feature sometime next week, along with a general notifications upgrade.

In addition, automated reward withdrawals for Node devices is now entering the testing phase, and should go live within the next month or so. This is quite a tricky one and requires a bit of care, so thank you for being patient with us.

What’s next for the app: a tool to consolidate UTXOs will go live soon - which will fix this issue. Also, more informative statuses for out-network transactions which should ease the cross-chain journey somewhat.

And that’s it for September - onwards to October!