[Shipped] App v.2

Objective: a better app.


2 months (June, July)

Key results:

Ship core wallet actions - shield, unshield, send, receive, mint (June 5) :white_check_mark:

Ship new home screen (June 5) :white_check_mark:

Settings and keychain (June 12) :white_check_mark:

Node UI + Firmware update (July 13) [delayed to August due to lack of resources]

Pool v.2 (July 15) :white_check_mark:

Reskin add/remove liquidity (July 17) [delayed to August to combine with a bigger update]

Goal: 70% community rating.

Note: The app will always be a work in progress. In June, we shipped core actions, added new tabs, fixed fee issues and reskinned supporting features. In July, we’ll focus on Node, Pool v.2 and Provide. The product team will send out a survey to the community at the end of the month to assess effectiveness, gather feedback, and regroup for the future.

This correlates with initiative 6 in the roadmap.

All development is open-source: github.com/incognitochain/incognito-wallet


Finally! :sweat_smile:

If you haven’t updated your app from your respective app stores (the recent June update), please do so. The first few screens are up!

I noticed from telegram that some people haven’t quite got the full update – please head on over to your app store to make sure you have the latest. Your new home screen should look like this:

What’s new:

Home page layout -> For those of you who’ve been around for a while, it would have been less of an issue, but the old format was kinda overwhelming at first glance, and confusing to new users. Here we organize features and products according to their role in the Incognito ecosystem – namely use, and power.

Assets -> Manage your cryptoassets here. On the first screen, you’ll see your total balance in PRV, as well as price changes and PRV balances for individual coins.

Here, you can shield any cryptocurrency to turn it into a privacy coin, by simply sending it into the Incognito network. You can also unshield your assets to turn them public again, by sending them out of the Incognito network.


Then, tap the coin to enter the detail screen, where you can send or receive it from any address within the incognito network (where all transactions are private).


We’ve removed the ‘in-network/out-network’ options for both send and receive, as it was redundant and confusing. Let me know what you think! You’ll also notice that 'p’s have been removed (pBTC, pETH, etc.), as they are redundant within the Incognito app. All coins are privacy coins. Verified ticks remain.

Note: Font’s a little big in this release, we’re working on adjusting it throughout the app.

Explorer -> We’ve integrated incscan.io into the Incognito app! Thanks @inccry for this wonderful product. Now you guys can access the Network Explorer directly from the little yellow icon on your home page.


Browser -> Hey privacy app developers, it’s back! Thanks for your patience. @abduraman, i know you had a few other suggestions to make browser more convenient and useful, we’ll work on that soon.

No bottom bar -> We tried to streamline the entire app and make the home screen really easy to return to, which made the bottom bar redundant. If you are used to having it however, you might miss it in the short term. Initial tests showed that users quickly got familiar with not having it, but please play around with the new flow and let me know what you think. The team is somewhat undecided on this one.

What’s next:

Settings -> We’ll make it more obvious to users how to create and import keychains. What’s a keychain? Keychain will replace ‘account’. Keychain is where… you have all your keys necessary to read your balances on the blockchain. Your keys, your money – we think it’s important to make that clear.

Node flow -> Apart from reskinning the Node screens, we’ll experiment with bringing back a very stripped down version of Node statuses. :upside_down_face: Let’s see how it goes!

We’ll continue to reskin the other screens over the next couple of weeks. I might be missing a few things in this post, so if you have any questions or comments, please do let the team know below. :heart:


@ning excellent


A quick feedback :slight_smile:
1- A progress bar, circle etc. to show loading the website would be better.
2- I cannot open google.com by writing http://google.com. The error message is problematic as well. Either I have to write google.com or https://google.com to open it. A more tolerant address bar would be better.
3- Once I tap P icon right to the address bar, only PRV coin is listed. The other non-zero assets are not shown. So, a papp based on any other coin cannot be run since the user cannot select it.

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Hmmm just been using and finding my way around the new App.

It’s not the most intuituve GUI design is it?
How to send / receive to an Incognito wallet, how to send receive to an non-Incognito wallet? I dunno…

Also Im seeing BTC transaction for 15,987.1255 PRV in the Assets section…


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Anyone else have an issue with making trades in the new app and not being able to execute the trade because the order preview screen cuts off the button at the bottom and you can’t scroll down to push the button to finalize the trade?

Can’t scroll down in the image below to hit the execute trade.

I resolved the issue by going into my mobile device and turning down the icon and text settings from medium to small.

That might be an issue for some people but I was able to resolve it on my device, so hope that helps.

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Thanks @Clint, will look into this.

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glad to help work out the kinks.

The app looks great, kudos to you and your team!

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I haven’t used the new update extensively, but upon first glance (as if I was a new user), this is definitely a solid, solid update.
1-Redundancy-gone, as far as I can tell.
2-The app is streamlined-only a few items on the screen at a time, yes you have to scroll but it is less overwhelming.
3-All logos, wording and statistics are all “blown up”, the increased sizing helps people of all eyesights navigate the app easier. Also, when the logos and wording are sized up everything looks more clean, crisp and simple.

In the military you learn many things, one is the acronym KISS.
Or I like it better this way:

Making a layout look simple, clean, efficient is absolutely key to any app.
The fundamentals are forming with this project, and I am happy to see that but please do not lose sight of the foundational aspects.
(One of the foundational aspects are the pnodes. My first one was such a horrible experience getting set up. The second one I bought during the pDAI sell came to me with the side off so I could see everything inside. Would not connect to the wifi then the power light stopped coming on. I know many ppl have had set up issues, this foundational aspect NEEDS to be addressed). Other than that-great job, truly.

I really like the new updated UI. One thing I noticed is that on the community tab the back button that goes back to the home screen and the button to return to the topic feed are overlapping in iOS as you can see in the attached picture.

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@ning the only thing I can think of to add, is on the home page, give a down arrow :arrow_down: in the bottom right hand corner that lets people know there is more content to see upon scrolling down, otherwise they may think that initial page is all there is

thanks! it’s on the list.

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thank you for your feedback.

to receive/send from a non-incognito wallet, you would use shield/unshield. why? because receiving public coins into your incognito wallet effectively shields them, protects them, makes them anonymous. sending to a non-incognito wallet unshields your coin and turns it public again.

we felt that users needed to be aware that their coins are only private within incognito. this is not a function that most other wallets have.

that’s the current pDEX price of BTC, calculated in PRV.

hope that helps! just my 2 cents from the dev team, so thanks for sharing your thoughts - we will continue to make the app better.

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@Jerry_Watson - first of all, so glad to hear you like the app! this month, we’re also working in parallel to fix the node setup process. appreciate your patience with us – we’re on it!

thanks for letting us know – will fix this by adding a top bar like you see in the explorer tab :slight_smile:

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While the new design makes the app certainly look cleaner, it’s hardly intuitive. You’ve got to know a bit about how the Incognito system works in order to use the app.

This is a barrier to entry for any new user, who is more more likely to download the app, try it for 5 minutes, and then conclude that they don’t understand it before leaving the Incognito project and never coming back.

Bottom line: new unintuitive app raises barriers to entry to new Incognito users. This is not a good thing

Not harping on you, but what specifically do you see that is unintuitive, so that they can address it?

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Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the new app + also those who reported bugs and difficulties! We’ve been making notes since the last major app release. Here are a couple of things we did/are doing to ease some pain points.

1. Users got confused about sending out of network (could not locate unshield)

in yesterday’s update, we added hints (?) to the top right corners of both Unshield and Send screens. We also added a more helpful error msg on the Send screen directing the user to Unshield instead, if they enter a valid out-network address.

2. Community tab issues

There were quite a few of these - I’m happy to report that they should be fixed with yesterday’s release. We fixed the problem where users were stuck on external pages, and also the overlap on the top bar so it’s neater and more in keeping with the other tabs like incscan and browser.

3. Crypto dust balances are cut off on Asset display due to new font size

We’re going to add a toggle in Settings where users can choose to display limited decimal places, since more than a few validators probably have 0.0000000000etc. pCOINs in their balances…

4. Users don’t know what’s going on with their Nodes

We’ll soon be releasing a new Node experience that brings statuses back, includes more information on different stages of the validator lifecycle and how to fix common issues, etc. We originally removed statuses because it caused way too much confusion, but I’d like to give it a go again with what will hopefully be an improved layout.

5. Making it easier to buy Node devices in the app

We’re also refining the Buy Node with privacy coins experience, so you guys can get Node devices directly in the app with PRV, pUSDT, etc. It’s a bit clunky at the mo.

ETA for all Node related things maybe first week July. Will also be sending out that user survey once the new Node view is live. Would be great to have your feedback then!

What’s next

Pool v.2 + Provide

In July, we’ll focus on pushing out Pool v.2 (replacing the current Stake/Pool tab), and also refine Provide (adding and removing liquidity). While both will go towards liquidity for the pDEX, we’ve decided to set up Pool v.2 to better serve users wishing to earn provider rewards.

Provide (will probably be renamed) continues to be necessary as some currencies will not be supported by Pool v.2, and people should still be able to list tokens and create new pairs.

Bit stuck on names for both tabs. Was thinking Pool v.2 should really be called Provide (to emphasize the action), but then we’ll need to rename the current Provide tab (the one where you have to add both coins in a pair, can list new pairs, etc.). If anyone has any ideas, would love to hear them!


Some of you have requested walkthroughs and generally more information provided in the app, so we’re doing it. We’ve already begun putting in more text hints, but in July we’ll also push out some basic onboarding screens and animations that will bring users through all the core actions and help them feel more at home.


We’ll also start working on adding more basic functions to the browser tab to support what will hopefully be some new pApps from the community!


We’ve largely completed what we set out to do in June and in addition, also started work on a better Node experience. I’ll be back next week hopefully with the new Node view. In July, we hope to make it painless and delightful to provide liquidity and earn rewards.

Thanks everyone for being awesome about the new update, the team has really appreciated your suggestions and encouragement.