[Shipped] Acquire new, privacy focused users.

Hey guys, Andrey is here :wave:

I want to share with you our plans and direction on the growth perspective for the upcoming months.


During the past 4 months, we focused on growing validators and liquidity providers - people who power Incognito Network. In the upcoming months, we plan to focus on acquiring users - people who need privacy for their Bitcoins and Ethers.

Objective: Acquire privacy users

Length: 1-3 months based on the results

Key results:

  • Double number of daily shielding (reach 2400+ shieldings in August)
  • Release cross-pool trade functionality
  • Release pUniswap
  • Reskin Add flow

Find more about the development updates here


The core team works on making Incognitochain become Bitcoin- and Ethereum-friendly. BTC and ETH holders will be able to shield, transfer, and swap their coins in the most seamless way.

  • to pay transaction, trading, unshielding fee (yep, it’s coming) in BTC or ETH, or PRV
  • we also exploring new ways to incentivize and secure liquidity providers through Add flow, when a user fully controls his/her funds (Discussion about this will be open shortly)
  • help us to spread the word about Incognito and to make it the default privacy wallet. Contribute to the awareness campaign and get rewards.

really needs a desktop wallet with onion routing. your target audience are people with a strong need of privacy and anonymous. offering privacy tx is one thing, but if there is no way to use the platform in an anonymous manner (mobile is NOT private) then you have a problem…


:neutral_face: really warm weather in south west today…

Can’t do everything at once, but we do work in this direction.

Desktop app is on the road map, IP masking as well. More of this we do explore integration opportunities with Tor.

Actually, might be a good idea to prioritize layer 2 development by demand. What do you guys think about it ?)


any documentation on this yet?

Of you mean architecture it’s here - pEthereum Specifications

If you mean the communication with pUniswap - it should be available with the SDK set.

Probably @binh can share more details here)

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How much will unshielding cost?

Just the network fee of BTC and ETH, when you unshield crypto accordingly + Incognito’s network fee.

When Portal V3 is launched, will be added additional fee to incentivize decentralized custodians ≈ 0.01% - 0.1%. This kind of changes will be discussed as well.


Hey guys! I would like to update of what’s going on in with growing user base activity.

Firstly, I am happy to share that our tech team did an awesome job this month and released two very important functionality for a growing user base. Last week was released pUniswap and Cross pair trading.

  • Double number of daily shielding. Target - 2400, actual result - 1300 :x:
  • Release cross-pool trade functionality - :white_check_mark: delivered
  • Release pUniswap - :white_check_mark: delivered
  • Reskin Add flow - :arrow_right: postponed

Initiatives we started in August

Organic traffic

  1. Cleared up the blog and kick-started SEO optimization
  2. Incognito DEX was added on getmonero.org
  3. Submitted application on bitcoin.org to be listed as privacy DEX for Bitcoin (still pending)
  4. Kickstarted our youtube channel, started getting traffic from BTC and XMR related keywords

Paid campaigns

  1. Launched a campaign to migrate ERC20 tokens on Incognito. Purchased 200k impressions on etherscan. Geo: US. Let us know if you see any.
    CTR ≈ 0.5%

  2. @sid is testing out traffic from his resources and trying to find out the best possible traffic and find a way how to convert the right audience. I added it to the paid traffic, but the Incognito hasn’t spent any funds on it yet. During all testings Sid covering all these expenses, which is highly appreciated. Sid is not just a member of our community; he is one of the drivers.

  3. Launched a campaign with BinanceUS and Autonomous Privately purchase your personal trading station with BNB or BUSD . Will share more results once the campaign is finished.

Target for September

Incognito DEX is one of the leading products. It has strong utility, with cross pool and Uniswap it makes pDEX the biggest privacy-protecting DEX in the world.

For the next 4 weeks, we focus on growing users and traders.

  1. Official launch on pUniswap. Will try to engage with DeFi users t
  2. The main focus is still on BTC and XMR users. Will position Incognito as a DEX where you can buy and sell BTC & XMR without leaving any trace
  3. Keep pushing with the application on bitcoin.org
  4. Get a media coverage with a focus on the DEX
  5. Will produce more content about pDEX, on how to buy and sell BTC privately, about how to anonimize BTC and cut a trace

I need your help!

It’s been 8 months since I am trying to get Incognito DEX listed on CMC and Coingecko.

I think we are big enough and have to make the last push and be finally get listed on both trackers. We have 1000 people on this forum and several thousand who just watch from outside.

Basically, what is needed is to be active, consistent. Join CMC and Coingeko communities. And start a discussion about incognito when it makes sense. Feel free

  • to mention that our application is pending 8 months and we keep sending updates every month
  • ask if there is any special requirements for DEXs we should meet?
  • ask how big should be our community to be listed?
  • we are more than happy to make improvements to fit their criteria
  • join privacy related topics

Importnat don’t look spammy

  • don’t write “when Incognito is listed”, “check our application”, “how long to wait”.
  • don’t pitch the incognito or PRV as hundreds of other projects

If we manage to lead a smart discussion with their communities and to show that Incognito community is intelligent smart people. It will definitely increase our chances to be listed.

Please keep this in mind and let’s get listed before the Incognito’s mainnet anniversary! :rocket:


Shielding & Trading activity is seeing a new record today! $350K+ of trading in the last 24 hours, and a lot of those appear to be PRV token purchases! Let’s keep it raining! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I would like to share with you our main results for September and plans for October.

September results

  1. pUniswap official launch. :arrow_right: postponed
    Due to the situation with Ethereum gas fees, pUniswap official launch was postponed. In October we will add an option for users to choose the liquidity pool (Incognito DEX, pUniswap, or pKyber) manually and then officially launch pUniswap.

  2. We have more direct trades for Bitcoin - Monero. Also, the number of shielded XMR was increased by 30% within September.

  3. The application on bitcoin.org successfully passed all checks and waiting to be approved by BitcoinCobra. I’ll keep you inform about the progress.

  4. We’ve gotten two publications in media focused on the pDEX and Incognito wallet:

  1. Published two videos on our youtube channel: “how to buy BTC anonymously” and tutorial “how to send, receive, and store crypto privately”.

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the content you would like to see on our youtube channel, feel free to DM @elena.

October plans

For the next month, we will focus on acquiring new users to the Incognito Wallet.

  • pUniswap official launch. We will try to attract privacy-focused user from DeFi community.

  • Live translation with Monero team. We’ll try to make a live stream conversation with Monero team regarding privacy and Incognito technology.

  • Four videos: cooperation with privacy bloggers and produce own content about Incognito wallet and how to anonymize BTC.

  • Media coverage for Incognito wallet with a focus on low competitors privacy key words.

  • Reach out to privacy-focused communities.


Hey guys! I’m happy to share with you what we have achieved in October:

  1. pUniswap official launch. :arrow_right: postponed

pUniswap and pKyber are live on the Incognito DEX. :tada: However, the official launch was postponed, due to the Anniversary activity.

  1. Livestream with Monero team. :white_check_mark: delivered

  2. Video content :white_check_mark: delivered

Bitcoin for beginners about Incognito App
Monero Village livestream - Incognito DEX presentation

More videos are coming and will be added soon :slight_smile:

  1. Media coverage :x:
    We’ve decided that media coverage is not a priority in this month, as there are some inner events taking place.

  2. Acquiring new privacy users :white_check_mark: delivered
    The number of app downloads in October increased by 55.69%